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Weekly Digest: WordPress Tips Month, Grateful to Guest Bloggers, WordPress 2.3

We are down to the last week of the two months of guest blogging fun celebrating the two year anniversary of and this blog. This month is dedicated to WordPress tips and has been stuffed with a ton of tips, techniques, resources, and news about WordPress by myself and my fabulous guest bloggers.

I’d like to thank everyone for their kind support over the past week as things got tough with a death in the family. I’d especially like to thank my guest bloggers who have helped cover my lack of attention to this blog this week, and next. You are so appreciated and loved – thank you all!

With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, keeping up this weekly digest has been a bit tough, so forgive it’s intermittent absence occasionally. There is nothing wrong with FeedBlitz. It’s me. 😀

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What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress 2 year anniversary partyCelebrating Blogging and WordPress: The first month of the two month-long party celebrating the two year anniversary of and this blog covered a variety of topics with fantastic guest bloggers blogging on blogging.

Our two month party continues with September jammed-packed with almost nothing but WordPress Tips. Here are some of the great WordPress tips we’ve offered:

The guest bloggers have been putting on their best party outfits and bringing forward the best of their best for you and me, and we’re having a great time. Besides you, the party goers so far include:

Greg Balanko-Dickson, The Remote control CEO

Edrei Zahari of Footsteps in the Mirror

Engtech of Internet Duct Tape

Jan of Circular Communication

Daniel Brusilovsky of Apple Universe

John Pozadzides of One Man’s Blog

Michael Hampton of Homeland Stupidity and Bad Behavior

Abhijit Nadgouda of ifacethoughts

J.T Dabbagian of

Pelf Nyok of pelf-ism is contagious

Dawud Miracle of

Douglas Bell of, PreviewCast, and phpBB Weekly

Phil Gerbyshak, the Make It Great! Guy

Tony D. Clark of Success from the Nest

Otto of Nothing to See Here

Mohsin at Blogging Bits

There have been a few little bits of news and information not related to the two month celebration:

Lorelle’s News

Lorelle at WordCamp Israel: It’s official. I’m heading to Israel after the Reno conference to participate in WordCamp Israel on October 25, 2007 in Tel Avia (English). It’s so exciting. If you live in the Middle East, specifically in Israel, or nearby, get signed up fast. The conference will be in English and Hebrew and will be a powerful WordPress and blogging experience for all.

Lorelle in Reno in October: The Conservative Leadership Conference is hosting “RIGHTOBERFEST” in Reno, Nevada, October 11-13 and I’m one of the workshop leaders. I’m still awaiting some detail, but currently, I’m on tap to present two programs, one on WordPress and another on blogging tips.

WordPress Podcast: I was invited to participate in two episodes of the WordPress Podcast with Charles Stricklin and Aaron Brazell and the first podcast is out, Episode 29: Lorelle and WordPress 2.3. We talked about the upcoming release of WordPress 2.3, news from, my book, and a lot of WordPress news and tips. It was great fun and if you are missing out on the WordPress Podcast, you are missing some great WordPress news, tips, and tricks!

Douglas Bell and Lorelle on PreviewCast: Last week, I was interviewed by Douglas Bell of and PreviewCast for a future podcast release. We sat and chatted about all kinds of blogging and WordPress subjects, having a great time. Douglas and I love blogging and sharing our passions and experiences with the world through our blogs, so we had a great time. Thanks for the fun and hopefully it will be released soon!

Virtual Assistants Tackle Blogging Issues and Copyright Violations: I just finished a live tele-conference with members of the Virtual Assistant Revolution Forums (VA Revolution) as part of their Thirsty Thursday Training. We covered the issues of protecting your content from copyright violations, how to find copyright violations, and how to deal with them, as well as any other issues around publishing your content on the web and blogging for virtual assistants. The conference was recorded, but I believe only available to members. If you are a virtual assistant, check out the their forum for the conference recording.

American Business Women’s Association Regional Conference in Seattle: November 3, 2007, will see me in Seattle as the keynote speaker for the regional meeting of the American Business Women’s Associations regional chapters. I’ll be talking about blogging, specifically about working on the web with a blog to support your business through social interaction, networking, search engines, and reputation-building. If you are interested in attending, let me know. There are a few tickets left for this dinner event.

Win Valuable Prizes From David Airey: David Airey is offering a “$4,000 Blog Anniversary Prize Draw” for anyone who blogs about his contest before September 26, 2007, and one of the prizes is my book, “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging”. It’s his one year anniversary and he’s throwing a huge bash with you, his readers, as the potential winners. How fun!

WordCamp Review in Blogger and Podcaster: The September issue of Blogger and Podcaster Magazine, Elisa M. Welch described WordCamp (page 11) as a great international gathering of the whose who of blogging and WordPress and said kind things about my session, describing me as:

Another lively session ensued when blogger/evangelist Lorelle VanFossen took the stage. “Kicking Ass Content Connections” began quite informally, with VanFossen strolling the floor among the attendees, passing her microphone around, asking people why they blog. When she returned to the podium, she poured forth a slew of insightful suggestions, including “leaving holes” for the reader to fill in (commenting is blogging, as she observed more than once), being authentic rather than faking it, and writing for the future. Several observations drew guffaws, including her request for “a toliet-flushing sound” to accompany Akismet’s spam-tagging feature.

Too funny! Thanks, Elisa!

Blogger and Postcaster Magazine: The next issue of Blogger and Poscaster Magazine will feature an article I’ve written on the mistakes and overlooked tips that I’ve found some veteran and top notch bloggers overlook, helping you to learn how to do these invaluable things on your blog to help your SEO, accessibility and web standards, and increase your readership and traffic. Next month, I’m writing an article on creating a blogging editorial calendar to help you find, build, and plan your blog’s content.

Problems with Taking Your Camera on the Road: The web host from hell and I are in major dispute over the “quick-and-easy” termination of services and transfer of my main sites. Unfortunately, these people don’t know their heads from their…fill in the blank. So yes, I know there are problems with my main site and genealogy site. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon without legal action.

Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenI will be traveling extensively for the next couple months on behalf of my popular book, “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging”.

If you will be attending one of the events, workshops, and programs where I’m speaking, you can buy your own copy and save some postage and handling. If you want your own copy now, you can order it still at the introductory price, you can order it from SplashPress or the new Blog Herald Bookstore.

For more information on the book, see the original announcement and a recent update with reviews and other information, as well as the Blogging Tips Book official page.

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

The most popular posts on Lorelle on WordPress these past few weeks were:

Blasts From the Past

This issue, I thought I’d reach back into the nine months of blogging on the to see what blasts from the past I’ve written there to tickle your fancy:

Blog Herald Columns

Here are some of the latest articles I’ve written for the :

I also started an article series on converting your newsletter into a blog, a great look at how to think through the process of turning a newsletter from a small business, individual, or organization into a blog, saving time and money, and involving more members.

Some recent weekly WordPress Wednesday News reports included:

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

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