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Lorelle VanFossen writes books and articles on blogging, web development, nature and travel photography, and travel. To help you learn more about blogging and web development, Lorelle offers and recommends the following books to help you improve your blog.

Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging

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Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenBlogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging is by long time blogger and web consultant, Lorelle VanFossen. It offers step-by-step tips to help bloggers learn how to blog, how to develop a blog, and how to maximize an existing blog, turning a blog into an online social community and network. The book is written as a checklist, and the content continues to be timeless, helping you blog and convey your message better, more efficiently, and to the right audience.

Blogging Tips was one of the first books offering blogging tips and it continues to offer in depth tips and techniques to improve your blogging and web writing. It is ideal for the new blogger and the intermediate blogger seeking to restart a site or a refresher course. Many of the articles are from the most popular posts on this site and articles from Lorelle’s years as a daily columnist on .

The book is available for purchase in its softback version. An ebook is currently under development.

For more information and links to sample chapters, see Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Social Media for Crafters and Artists: Covering the Basics of the Social Web

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Lorelle VanFossen’s latest ebook, Social Media for Crafters: Covering the Basics of the Social Web is for sale.

Social Media for Crafters and Artists: Covering the Basics of the Social Web ebook by Lorelle VanFossenSocial Media for Crafters and Artists is designed to be a basic how-to book to help hobbyists and professional and hobbyist crafters and artists get a solid basic introduction to the social web. You will learn how to connect with other crafters and artists in your specialty online, how to find the expert help you need for your projects, and how you can contribute your expertise to help others. The book is a guide to help you not just find a community, but understand how the communities work. The book covers forums and social networks specifically for crafts like Ravelry, as well as blogging, Facebook, Email lists, Twitter, and other social media networks and services.

For more information, see Social Media for Crafters and Artists web page and the book announcement.

The following are books highly recommended by Lorelle VanFossen on blogging, web writing, and WordPress. For an extensive list of the variety of books available on WordPress, see 201 WordPress Books.

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