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DISCOUNT: Lorelle is offering her popular site reviews for 50% off during 2015 as part of her WordPress School year-long project teaching the basics of WordPress. The discount code is found in the introduction materials.

Lorelle VanFossen offers three levels of site reviews, specifically for WordPress sites. The prices are the starting prices for the site review plans, dependent upon the site size and complexity as well as specific requests and customization of the review.

  1. Content and Structure: A content and structure review focuses on the site’s content and content structure and organization only, not the web design or WordPress features or functionality beyond content structure and organization. This is the most popular review and critical to most bloggers and site owners. It includes analysis of the site’s overall content, navigation structure, content flow, readability, and usability. The report helps the site author learn about web writing techniques, SEO tips, site structure, organization, and usability. $200+ USD
  2. Basic Site Review: The basic site review focuses on an overall review of the site’s content, structure, organization, usability, accessibility, social media integration, interactivity, and WordPress features and functionality looking for ways to improve the site’s impact on readers, community, search engines, social media, and site owner interactivity and publishing efforts. Emphasis is made on aligning the site’s purpose and goals with the presentation and branding, as well as compliance with US and international web publishing laws. Site admin access may be requested but is not necessary. $500+ USD
  3. Full Site Review: The full site review includes all of the previous plans specifications and digs deep into the site’s purpose, goals, identity, branding, and community building. Lorelle researches competitor sites and industry leaders to offer a comparative analysis, and dives deep into the site’s functions and functionality. This is a highly intensive site review, exploring the back and front end of the site, testing for loading times, efficiency, integrity of the WordPress Theme and Plugin choices, etc. Each report is unique to the purposes and goals of the site and specific client needs. Site admin access is mandatory. $1000+ USD

Unlike many traditional site reviews, Lorelle focuses on WordPress, content structure and organization, usability, accessibility, legal compliance, audience needs, social media, and community building. SEO is important but incidental if your site isn’t serving the needs of the humans who visit. With over 30 year professional experience, teaching, and training in web publishing and social media, and 11 years experience as a leader in WordPress development and support, Lorelle brings a unique expertise and perspective to her site reviews.

Lorelle is “The” WordPress evangelist. Her blog is a wealth of information and she continually works hard to make sure it offers real value all the time. She is fun and outgoing. She treats everyone she meets like they’ve been her best friend for years, and when you talk with Lorelle you feel like you’re the only person in the room. Lorelle is colorful without being crass, and engaging without being overbearing. She wears life like a favorite sweater with holes in the elbows and when she talks, you can hear all the places she’s been. She’s one of my favorite people.
Charles McKeever – The Open Source Marketer says:

If you are just starting with WordPress, or you’ve been using it since the beginning, you can learn from Master Lorelle. This blog provides so much information on the WordPress blogging platform it’s sickening. From the small tweaks to fix something only you are bothered by to the good ol’ overhaul you’ve been planning, and everything in between. Bookmark, subscribe, however you do it, but read it. Cheesy as it may sound, the Force is strong in this one, hrmm, yes.
2007 Blogroll Awards by Jake’s Life

Site Review Request Form

Please complete the Site Review Request Form as completely and specifically as possible. You will be contacted within 2-3 working days with a response.

The site review reports take 2 hours to several days to complete, they are also limited in number per week and schedule depending upon the intensity of the site review. A report will be emailed upon completion featuring a list of the good, bad, and ugly, with recommendations to improve the site’s performance and features.

Please note that not all site review requests are accepted, and non-WordPress site reviews are charged an additional $100 per review.

To be considered, the site must meeting the following qualifications:

  • Age and History: The site must be live and a minimum of one year old with a history of active publishing during that time period.
  • 25 Post Minimum: The site must feature a minimum of 25 posts published in their respective categories. “Static” sites using WordPress Pages only must have a minimum of 5 published Pages including About, Contact, Policies/Legal, and Products/Services/Store.
  • WordPress Familiarity: The site owner/author must have a basic understanding of how WordPress works with content, images, WordPress Themes, and overall functionality.

Site Specifications

Please check that all fields are filled out and as specific as possible to meet qualifications.

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