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Special Preview

Welcome to this special preview page on Lorelle on WordPress. This is where all the special announcements and offers are hidden.

If you would like to be notified when there are special announcements, news, and events related to Lorelle VanFossen and Lorelle on WordPress, we encourage you to sign up for our emails. We send these only rarely, when there is something important to announce, so you will not be inundated.

Blogging 101 Master Class

Blogging 101 Master Class - CoverLorelle’s new ebook, Blogging 101 Master Class: How to succeed in blogging by knowing what you are doing is available as a special free download to attendees of the Willamette Writers Conference 2017. This is an advance draft copy of the upcoming book covering:

  • Define blogging and start a blog.
  • Basic terminology.
  • Developing an online persona.
  • Demographics.
  • Designing your brand.
  • Creating content.
  • Blogging success.
  • Marketing.
  • Content generation.
  • Reader engagement.
  • Storytelling techniques.
  • Writing for the web tips.
  • Adherence to standards and laws.

Download: Blogging 101 Master Class

Social Media for Crafters and Artists

Social Media for Crafters: Covering the Basics of the Social Web ebook by Lorelle VanFossenSocial Media for Crafters and Artists by Lorelle VanFossen is in the final editing stages for the 2017 edition. You may download the older version today, or wait for the new version here very soon. The new version will also be available on Amazon Kindle books. To download the book free on Amazon, use the coupon code BLOG101 after the release.

Social Media for Crafters and Artists is a basic how-to book to help hobbyists and professional and hobbyist crafters and artists get a solid basic introduction to the social web. You will learn how to connect with other crafters and artists in your specialty online, how to find the expert help you need for your projects, and how you can contribute your expertise to help others. The book is a guide to help you not just find a community, but understand how the communities work. The book covers forums and social networks specifically for crafts like Ravelry, as well as blogging, Facebook, Email lists, Twitter, and other social media networks and services.

Download: Social Media for Crafters and Artists Book by Lorelle VanFossen (2014)

Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging, 10th Anniversary Edition

Blogging Tips Book by Lorelle VanFossenLorelle VanFossen’s popular book, Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging, 10th Anniversary Edition will be arriving soon on Amazon. Ten years ago, this was the first book published offer tips to new bloggers entering the blogosphere. The new version is updated to reflect the changes in web publishing, laws, and standardization that developed over the last decade.

When available, use the coupon code BLOG101 for a 50% savings on the Amazon price.

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