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If I was to start writing & blogging today I would…

By Greg Balanko-Dickson

I have been writing online daily since 1998 and only converted to blogging in 2005. In the last two years things have changed considerably and I would do things differently. This all started with reading a post courtesy Steve @ Micro Persuasion:

…the world now tuns faster. The blogosphere has transformed from the NFL to a quicker style of play that more closely resembles Arena League Football. Thanks to micro-blogging and social networks Web 2.0 is now more about rapid exchanges and it’s very mobile too. I am not the only one who notices how the sphere is changing. Jeremiah says MicroMedia is taking hold. This is all transforming how I express myself online. I learn new things faster and easier than I did before through real-time microblogged conversations. Today on Twitter, for example, we discovered that Google is indexing some Twitter streams and blogs in under 30 minutes. Via Micro Persuasion

Scanning a couple hundred feeds daily, coaching clients, working on a new business web application, and writing my next book The Remote Control CEO keeps me busy to say the least.

Blog Long, Twitter Short

If you asked me for a blog and business development strategy, I would say follow Steve’s example and use Twitter or Pownce to build relationships and your social network – then use your blog for longer posts.

I have always been a longer post guy, articles really. I can see how Twitter would help me to be more succinct. Now just have to make some room in my day to make Twitter a habit.

Greg Balanko-Dickson is author of two business books, third generation entrepreneur and The Remote Control CEO.

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