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Weekly Digest: SOBCon Conference, My New Book, and Other Odds and Ends

The from this week features news about me traveling to Chicago for the SOBCon07, the Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference this past weekend, schmoozing with the hottest bloggers on the web, releasing a new book for bloggers, and some incredible and exciting things that have been happening to me and others around me.

Exciting Lorelle on WordPress News

Blogging Tips by Lorelle on WordPress: It seems that others beat me to the announcement of my new book, Blogging Tips, What Blogger’s Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenThe book contains hundreds of tips on how to blog, blog promotion, networking, building, development, design, comments, comment spam, link building, administration, and more. All the things you wish you knew about blogging before you started blogging. If you have been blogging for a while, you may still be missing some of these crucial steps and tips to help make your blog the best it can be.

Released during the SOBCon07, the Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference, for a limited time, the book is USD $12.95 (plus $3 shipping and handling for US and $12 for international) while limited quantities last. Buy it within the next week and you’ll get an autographed copy! You can buy the book through the publisher, SplashPress or through the new Blog Herald Bookstore.

Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference: I’m still trying to find the words to sum up my experience of the SOBCon event in Chicago last weekend. I know it’s strange for a writer and blogger to be so finger-tied, but it was that kind of experience. I’ll find the words soon, and until then, my post on SOBCon 2007 Remembered and Recommended includes a lot of links to other participants who have managed to find their words to describe this incredible event.

For those still interested in the theme of blog building and relationships, check out my article series on the Blog Herald for The Relationship Conference: Building Blogs Through Interaction.

WordCamp 2007 is July 21-22 in San Francisco: There is an “unofficial” page but the new official site is at and Matt says it will be at the same place as last year, the Swedish American Hall on Market Street, and that there may be a small fee for attendees, probably to help cover costs of the hall and event.

What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress

This past week’s articles from included:

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

Linking To and From Lorelle on WordPress

My Life with IP posted “There Are Mean People Out There” with a link to Mean Spirited Comments and Blogging, reminding fellow bloggers that while there are mean and vicious folks out there, we have to rise above the meanness and focus on the positive, the reason we blog we blog because we have something to say in spite of the naysayers. Be strong and keep blogging. wrote in “Awesome WordPress Plugins” that “I’ve just recovered from a WordPress Plugin frenzy, courtesy of Lorelle on WordPress.” My month long series on WordPress Plugins continues to encourage WordPress bloggers to try new WordPress Plugins and keeps the Plugin-Love going strong.

My work with the continues to receive honorable mentions including a recent post by Marco Luthe Online called “The Blog Herald – News For Bloggers”. Thank you, Marco!

901AM’s “You’re Brand One?” coverage of who is making money how from their blogs or because of their blogs, from my post, Who is Making Blogging Bucks and How?, is getting a lot of attention. The idea that blogs aren’t about making money but as a device which generates money outside of the blog is a new concept to many and one that I believe will change the way people think about blogs as income.

A while ago I was nominated for the Thinking Blogger Award, which led to Are You A Thinking Blogger? on the Blog Herald and my own thinking bloggers list. It seems that the Blog Herald article continues to make people really think, especially about the definition of a thinking blogger. Pseudotherapy recently wrote “I think I blog, I think I blog, I think I blog…” linking to that article and also asking you to consider what really makes a thinking blogger a thinker.

101 Articles That Will Make You “A Complete Blogger” by Blogger Whale includes an amazing number of article resources to help you blog, including a few from this blog such as Where to find free Photos for Your Blog?, Resources for Finding Content for Your Blog, and What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content?, the latter of which was also listed by Prosperity Achiever in “8 Must Read Articles for Bloggers”.

But my favorite link-to-Lorelle this week came from Shelia Scarborough guest blogging on Write to Travel. We had a great but way too short time chatting at the SOBCon conference> In her guest blog post, she called me the “WordPress Queen”. Too funny!

Other popular destinations and recommendation from this blog elsewhere included:

Blog Herald Columns

The Blog Herald has a new look and new writers and they are changing their editorial focus. Luckily, that continues to include little old blogging me. This week, my daily columns include the weekly WordPress news from the past few weeks:

This week’s articles included:

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

Some of the fascinating bits and pieces I uncovered during the past week as I search for blogging and WordPress news include:

Blasts From the Past

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  1. johno692001
    Posted May 20, 2007 at 8:53 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the mention, and thanks for keeping me thoroughly informed. Always a great read and a wonderful source of inspiration.

  2. Posted May 21, 2007 at 5:06 am | Permalink

    Get this book. It’s great hearing Lorelle’s perspective on blogging. Everything from blog structure, to content creation to admin suggestions.

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