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456 Berea Street Brags

I recently bragged about articles I’m proud of writing, and invited others to brag about their favorite writings on their blogs, so I thought I’d look around and see who else is doing some bragging about how proud they are of what they accomplished (so I don’t feel all alone with my bragging rights) and bring these brags to your attention over the next month.

The first one on my found bragging rights list is 456 Berea Street’s Highlights of 2005. The brilliance behind 456 Berea Street is Roger Johansson, a long time web professional who has had a huge impact on the web design world through his extensive articles on web standards, accessibility, and usability in web page design. I’ve been a fan for a long time and consider his articles some of the best and most sensible information and tips for web page design and development, especially on the subjects of CSS and accessibilities.

A few of my favorites from his highlights list include:

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