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Blogging Tips – Hundreds of Resources for Finding Content for Your Blog

Blog writing tips and articlesBlogging is great fun. It’s exciting. You start out with great ideas, full of motivation and inspiration. After a while, though, you run out of steam. The muse isn’t so amused any more and you start hunting for content, things to write about.

There are two aspects of finding content for your blog. First, it is to find the inspiration that generates original content on your blog. This can come from a variety of sources. Basically, it can be a news story, fellow blogger’s post, an interesting web page you stumbled across, something a friend said, or anything that interests you enough to research and write about it.

The second aspect is to find links. A lot of bloggers seem to specialize in finding interesting content and providing a link and maybe a few words to recommend to their readers that they check out the original content on someone else’s blog or site. While this isn’t so much about finding original content for your blog, it is about finding information and resources that is helpful to your readers.

Either way, when the well runs dry, where do you go to find more content to keep the river of babble flowing on your blog?

I’ve put together a huge list of content resources for you to peruse and investigate for possible blog content. It certainly isn’t a list of all the content, resources, and information out there, but it is designed to get you thinking about all the content, resources, and information out there for you to blog about. And there is a lot out there. If I have missed a favorite resource of yours, please add it below in the comments. I love looking up new avenues of inspiration.

I’ve grouped the different resources for finding content for your blog into the following categories:

Top News Stories

The news is probably one of the most popular resources for stories. Many people monitor or to keep up with what is going on around the world or in your backyard. While the “top 10 news stories” may be intriguing for some, there is a lot of news out there to digest and dig through, finding potential stories. I’ve collected a few interesting and more unusual places to find news, often news that doesn’t make the main headlines, to help you start thinking about where and how you find news to write about on your blog.

Industry News and Resources

If you are blogging about a specific subject or industry, monitor the news stories coming out of that industry. There are many industries to choose from, and they are not always all encompassing. For example, if you are interested in the blogging industry, not all the information on blogging might be of interest to you. You might only be interested in bloggers blogging in Japan or China, not the whole world. So your need for news resources covers a very wide industry but narrows to a specific focus.

The following is a general example of some industry news and resources available online. For a specific industry, hit the search engines for your industry keywords. Whatever your blogging topic, the odds are that there are one or more industries which support it. So search far and wide to find good resources for your blog stories.

Tag and Social Bookmarking Services

Tags and social bookmarking services are similar but different. Social bookmarking actually is the term that refers to users recommending which topics are most popular with them. This is done through votes and by tags.

A site or software tool that collects and stores your recommended or “bookmarked” sites is called a Social Bookmarking Manager. Some Social Bookmarking Managers are private, but the ones that will usually serve you better are the public ones, which show the world what you think is important information, and asks others to “vote” for your recommendations as you vote on theirs, and the winners rise to the top.

Tags are mini-categories for blog content, tagged by the blog owner or visitor. Used in combination with social bookmarking, you can search through tag services for the most popular posts within a specific tag category based upon traffic, voting, or other recommendations.

Tags and social bookmarking help Internet users talk to each other, sharing favorite posts and articles. They also help let you, the blogger, get a feel for what topics are popular at the moment. If it is popular enough, you may want to blog about it. By monitoring these “most popular” lists, whether by overall category or tags specific to your interests, you can keep a finger on the pulse of public opinion.

Most Popular/High Traffic

There are many lists online that list the “most popular” websites, blogs, topics, news, products, services, and more. By monitoring these sites, you can stay on top of what is attracting the most attention.

Most popular lists are based upon a variety of criteria. For a few, it is just what is most popular to them, the individual or group, as they see it, often with their own criteria. For most “most popular lists”, though, popularity is solely based upon measurable data such as actual purchases or highest visitor traffic.

For high traffic sites or blogs, there is a lot to learn as well as be inspired by. What are they talking about? How are they talking about the subjects? Where are they getting their information and resources? Should you be following their lead? Use high traffic and most popular sites and blogs as resources for possible content and ideas.

If you don’t see a specific “most popular” topic of interest to you, in a search engine type in “most popular” with a keyword for your interest, like WordPress, and the search results will include the most popular WordPress Themes, plugins, tips, techniques, blogs, and other WordPress related most popular items. From here, you can find sites to monitor for the “most popular” topics for your blog.

Top Search Results

Another method of finding content is to find out what people are searching for. Search engines and other search engine monitoring resources are always keeping an eye on what topics are most popular by counting up the top search keywords and phrases.

There are several different types of reports for tracking top search results. Old style but useful lists include top search keywords and phrases from seardh engines. More modern style top search results show you live, as-it-happens search action, which may or may not reflect the most popular searches but shows you what people are searching for in the moment. Which ever method attracts you, there is a lot of information and inspiration that can be gleaned.

Research: Reading What Other People Wrote

There is so much being written on the web, it can be overwhelming. Yet, one of the most important ways of finding something to write about is to find out what other people are writing about. This goes beyond news or most popular stories. It is the monitoring and reading of what other people are writing about to help inspire you to write.

Inspiration comes in many ways from reading. It begins by reading about what people are writing about in your industry. If they wrote it wonderfully, then you can cite them on your blog with a comment or two to encourage your readers to visit their site and read the article. If you want to talk about what they wrote, you can cite their post and include a blockquote or two from the article, and then say what you want to say. If you like what they wrote, but you think you can write it better, use their article as inspiration to write your own. Reading what other people also write helps you to keep up with what is going on around you, the trends and the news.

You never know where a bit of inspiration will come from, so keep your mind open to all possiblities. The following includes a wide range of resources for finding articles and archived articles. I’ve also included a list of some aggregators, sites that display content from other sites to help you keep track of what is going on through blog feeds. Some of these you can personalize and customize, while others are just lists to read through.

Search Engines, Search Blogs and Search Feeds

There are times when the most popular, highest traffic, or top stories just don’t give you the material you need for creative composition, or you need more collaborating evidence and research for the topic you are working on. That’s when you turn to searching.

Sometimes just putting in a few words that sum up your industry or a topic that interests you can bring up interesting story angles and perspectives that you haven’t thought of before. Sometimes, just typing in a word and hitting the “Surprise Me” button that some search engines have will take you to new places you never thought to look before. Either way, search engines offer tremendous information, resources, and inspiration if you just start looking.

Everyone has their favorite search engines, but this list also includes a variety of search services that might get you more specialized results on your topic. Among these more specialized searches, you can also search just blogs, feeds, or specific topics.

Tracking Stories

Sometimes you want to be the first blogger on your block to cover a particular story. Then there are times when everyone else has covered the story but you want to know what has happened to the story now, after the news has turned their headlights away. There are also times when the headline news doesn’t tell the whole story and you want to tell more. This is when it is time to start tracking the story beyond the headline news.

While there are a variety of sites that track stories and news, there are three methods for story tracking services and sites. First, there are sites whose goal is to simply to list blog or site content or press releases from subscribers or whatever resources they monitor. They are glorified information lists. Some showcase odds and ends, while others specialize in a specific industry. These work well for general interest subjects you are researching or investigating.

The second method is known as “website trackers”, software, online services, or utlities that will notify you if there has been a change in a specific website or blog. If a new post is published, you get an alert via your browser, email, or when you visit the website tracking page, showing you which blogs or sites have new content.

The third method is to use search engines and feed services as well as tagging and social bookmarking services to track stories. Search the story subject, title, or keywords to generate potential sources. Check these to see if they allow you to create a feed from your search results so you can track the story. See the lists above for those services.

Whatever reason you want to track stories, I’ve put together a list that includes both groups.

Facts and Statistics

There comes a time when you just need the facts. Or, you stumble upon some facts that so amaze you, you want to check them out so you can write about them. There are so many facts and statistics out there, I couldn’t possibly list them all, but here are some of the more popular resources for facts and figures for the US and World.

Internet Traffic, Web Trends, and Page Rank

Whether you blog about the Internet, the web, or blogging, you are still working within the Internet industry by being a blogger. No matter what your blog topic is, it helps to understand your Internet audience, where they are coming from, how they blog, and how they search. If you have advertising on your blog, then it is important to understand what is going on in the blog business in order to help you blog better and make more money. It also helps to keep an eye on the top web hosts and traffic in general so you know what is going on around you in the Internet world.

By watching which blogs or websites are top of the charts for traffic, you can pretty much guage which topics are popular with most Internet users. Here are some resources for lists of the most popular websites and blogs online, as well as tracking web trends and traffic.

So what are some news or resources you monitor frequently to find stories and content for your blog that I have missed? Wanna share?

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    Wow! What an exhaustive list!

    Wow! What a reference tool!


    • Janet
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      I’ve been stalling on finally getting a blog going. I found your site and O-M-G! This is the most comprehensive list of resources anywhere paid or free. Thank you so much! It would be such a help to keep a regular blog regularly updated for my students rather than answering individual emails which, of course, I will continue to do. But, this is just what I needed 🙂

      • Posted January 23, 2015 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

        Some of these resources are out-dated but they should point you in the general direction. Thank you and good luck with your project and students.

  2. Posted January 23, 2006 at 10:38 am | Permalink

    Nice one Lorelle,

    I have had to add it to even though that took me 15 minutes to get to load up.

    Oh the links 🙂

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    Wow. This is a great resource to online bloggers. While some of it seems so exhaustive, it gives blog viewers the chance to pick and pull what they like for their own interests.

    Keep up the good work. I might make one suggestion and that is to get a Subscription Box where people can sign up with an email and be alerted everytime you update? i think is good.

    Hope this helps
    Mr. Peeves

  6. Posted January 23, 2006 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    Thanks to everyone for your nice comments, and please add more resources if you think they apply.

    Mr. Peeves:

    Thank you for the suggestion for the email subscriptions. Features such as that are not available on Besides, feeds are the future and much better at helping people keep track of new action on websites and blogs they like. I also post 1-4 or more posts a day, so you would get a LOT of email from this blog if that was available. 😉

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    Fantastic list! Very comprehensive and helpful. Thanks Lorelle!

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    Lorelle, I’m bowing to you through my computer monitor. 🙂 Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to put together those links lists. Well done!


  9. Posted January 23, 2006 at 8:44 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle

    Might I suggest for Entertainment News? That’s the only area I don’t think you have covered
    Also the Internet Movie Database (I use the International Version at and TV Tome

    Nice work
    VDO Vault

  10. Neeraj
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    WOW !! An Amazing and very exhaustive list, definately a keeper.

    Thanks for all the hard work Lorelle. Now it’s upto people to reap the benefit they have been presented with.

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    What an overly exhaustive list. I’m tired just reading over it.(LOL) Currently for my blogs I look over material from similar blogs at both Technorati and Google Blog Search as well as look at Google and Yahoo news items.

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      Since the time I originally posted this in 2006 many things have happened in both my personal and professional life. One was the hi-jacking of the blog that my original post was linked to. Unfortunately now sits in domain limbo as no one picked it up after it expired. Someone stole it from me only to let it go. Although I don’t believe in karma per se this surely suggests that karma was working in this instance.

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        Sorry about that, but I do hope you are moving forward with your life. Thanks.

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    Thanks for mentioning InfoMinder. I use it to track about 400 pages (like xmlhack, rdf planet, techcrunch, ehub and many of my favorite blogs. This in addition to gives me more than enough information to blog.

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    As for help writing personal memories and stories, the inspiration and sources are in your head, not outside. If you need help releasing your inner voices to tell your stories, then seek out memoir writing, biographical writing, and other “how to write” sources. Good luck.

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    Great work, keep up the good work.


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      Where do you get content for your blog with pictures? You write it yourself and you take your own pictures.

      Honestly, that is the CORRECT answer. The rest is of the answer – the one that you want – is to pay someone to either blog for you or buy content from other places. There are also some places which will allow you to use their content for free, but you MUST ask for permission. See What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content for information on the repercussions of using someone else’s content without permission. ALWAYS ask first.

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      If you are reporting the news, you MUST rewrite it in order to avoid duplicate content and copyright infringement. Not long ago, Reuters went after everyone regurgitating their news without offering an original voice. You don’t want to be in their kill zone, trust me.

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        If your list is specific to traffic as a criteria, there are tons of sites that offer information on the highest traffic levels. Alexa is just one.

        A better list would be of sites that provide accurate and valuable information and helpful advice and tutorials so you could introduce your readers to valuable content rather than a list of sites based upon traffic. Ever seen some of the top watched videos on YouTube outside of celebrities? Some are complete time wasters and useless but people go bonkers over them. Traffic is not always an indication of value.

        Go digging through Google for related topics and keywords and start looking at the sites and finding ones worth sharing. They will thank you when you send them good people, and the people will thank you for sending them to great sites so they can learn more.

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      Some of these are very old. It’s a cumbersome document to update and took a very long time to create. I should, but life, the universe, and everything…only so much time in the day. 😀 Still, throughout my entire site I have relevant information and more timely information that will help. Thanks.

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      I’m not sure I understand what you are asking.

      Links are not copyrightable.

      If you could be more specific, I could be more helpful. Thanks.

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      I’m not sure what you mean by these questions. Getting information and reprinting/copying and pasting/publishing the content as it if it were your own is a copyright violation. I discuss this thoroughly in this article.

      Using the information to support your own work such as quoting from the material (blockquote), or using it to craft your own ideas is not a copyright violation.

      Remember in school when they taught you that if you copied someone else’s work and took credit for it as your own, you were not only in trouble but likely kicked out of school as punishment. It is no different on the web. Build from not duplicate and you will be fine. Always put your energy into original content.

      I hope that helps.

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      I’m sorry but I don’t know. You will have to ask someone who specializes in Blogspot/Blogger. I use WordPress and write about it here. It is used by the majority of people publishing on the web worldwide.

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