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Dear Blog Emperors: A Link Relevancy Test

Dear Emperor: A Test for Your Next Link Post by Liz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers writes a letter to all you blogging “emperors” to seriously consider the issue of “if content is king” when it comes to your blog post links:

Dear Emperor,
I’m writing to tell you that I know. Well, everyone does. In the past, you’ve a problem with things that people see that you could not. The problem was that no one would tell you.

I’ve heard that once that you were walking around, . . . well, sorry to be so forward . . . with no clothes on. [blush] Please forgive me for bringing that up, but it is relevant.

The letter includes a guide to test your links to make sure that next time your blog post steps out in public, it should be wearing its links as appropriate clothing.

In other words, if the links in your post content aren’t relevant to your blog content, or included for reasons other than relevancy and good will towards your blogdom, you should blush.

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