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The Power of Words: Online Lessons on Writing

The staff of The Providence Journal offers The Power of Words, a series of online lessons on the craft of newspaper writing. Whether you are a journalist, writing for a newspaper, or a blogger, you can benefit from this delightful and educational learn-to-write series.

Here are some recent highlights from their lessons:

The Providence Journal has been publishing these almost weekly lessons on writing and journalism since 1997. The staff’ produces these lessons to help readers and writers understand how a story is written, the relationship and responsibilities of writers and editors, and how to improve your writing. What an amazing gift.

If you want to learn more about writing and improve your blog writing, then check these great educational articles.

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  1. Posted January 26, 2006 at 10:31 am | Permalink

    My first impression was also very positive, but on closer reading I found that the “lessons” were really just stories, anecdotes giving background to the original published article (which we of course haven’t read).

    They give insight into the workings of small town reporters, but I’m not sure how educational they are for improving my writing.

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