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Posts and Articles I’m Proud of Writing

I know it’s blatant bragging, but I have never gotten blase about reading an article I wrote and finding it not only good but awesome. How can I explain this better?

See, I really don’t think that what I write is very important or even very interesting, though people tell me that it is all the time. And I get paid to write. Yes, I’m a paid writer. Still, I think my writing is mediocre. I just do what I do and live my passion to write on a daily basis. I live to write. I can write about anything, anytime and just about anywhere. But I don’t think my writing is that good.

Then I stumble across something I’ve written and read it as if it was the first time. I read it as if I didn’t write it. I think, “Wow, this is really great!” Then I remember that I wrote it and I’m impressed with myself. Actually, I’m not so impressed with myself as I am shocked that I actually created a good piece of writing that has some value. I giggle and then laugh, and tell my husband, who nods and just understands this strange thing I do to myself. Within a few hours, I’m paranoid and fretful that my writing sucks again, and my life returns to its normal insecurity.

Does this ever happen to you? I hope I’m not alone in this strange ritual of self-gloat and self-deprecation.

Anyway, while I’m in a moment of gloating, here is a list of some of the articles I’ve written recently on this blog that I’m especially proud of..that is at least until tomorrow. 😉

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  1. Martin
    Posted January 27, 2007 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    Who pays you to write those articles? I’d like to be paid for writing too…

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