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France May Legalize File Sharing

Like me, many bloggers have taken advantage of the fun of file sharing, downloading, uploading, and exchanging files for personal use (not copyright violations – though some would like you to think that), so I was thrilled with the news that France Might Legalize P2P File Sharing by Techwhack:

While countries like United States are suing file sharing web users, and Australia has sued a p2p software developer, France is doing just the opposite. The country’s lower house of parliament has voted to legalize peer-to-peer file sharing of films and music on the Internet. The move has led to massive criticism from the country’s film, audiovisual and music industry organizations.

If this motion is passed in the upper house, France would set an unusual example of being the first country worldwide to have legalized peer-to-peer file sharing. The timing of this move is pretty interesting considering digital media organizations are claiming that the internet has become a big source of trading pirated movies and songs.

France tends to be a forward thinking country, so I’m thrilled that they are still thinking forward and not backward.

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