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Weekly Digest: Back on the Farm, Improving Your Blog Series, WordPress Podcast Reporter, and More

While the world is rushing around doing holiday activities, I’m in panic mode to finish up some major projects and working very long hours – in between feeding animals and doing farm work.

Had a lovely adventure with one of the mini-donkeys, Rocko, who got lose and I found him wandering around in front of my window. Took some doing to get the normally cuddly and loving puppy-dog creature back into the fields, especially since he turned donkey stubborn in the process, but it’s amazing what food bribes can do. [This is Rocko and Leslie, his owner, getting his butt scratched, his favorite pastime.] Miniature donkey Rocko with owner Leslie in Oregon, photograph copyright Lorelle VanFossenThen it was slogging around looking for the escape route, which we haven’t found yet. The mud from the rains and floods make for boot sucking walking. Getting back to work was more like a vacation after slogging around in the yuk.

This week, I continue my Blog Herald series on “Improving Your Blog”, a poorly titled (in retrospect) series explaining all the redundant things I tell my web consultancy clients who should know better, but don’t. A few in the WordPress Community take on the issue of the WordPress Theme Viewer being closed to Theme authors, and get a response. And I ask for your help to compile a calendar of blogging events for next year. There’s been a lot going on!

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The last issue of my weekly digest was Weekly Digest: Floods, Harp Guitars, WordPress 2.4 News, and Improving Your Blog Tips.

What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress

Here’s the latest blog posts on .

Lorelle’s News

WordPress Book Reviews: In WordPress Books (Plus Reviews), WPThemesPlugin did a summary/review of the various books available on WordPress. My book, Blogging Tips, started off the list, which is wonderful, but my book is not about WordPress. It’s about blogging with whatever blogging platform or program you use. Still, thanks, Moses, for the kind words and the endorsement.

WordPress Podcast: A new episode of the WordPress Podcast is out. Episode 32: Automattic Rumors, Lorelle Provides News includes an interview with Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today and the Blog Herald discussing copyright issues and content theft, rumors of Automattic’s financial ventures, the Premium Theme Marketplace, and ME! I’m now the official reporter for news on for the WordPress Podcast.

Improving Your Blog Tips on the Blog Herald: The series I started this past week on the Blog Herald, Improving Your Blog Tips, is getting a lot of attention and getting people thinking about what they need to do to improve their blogs.

Lorelle on ProBlogger: I recently published Readers Versus Visitors: Whose Needs Are You Meeting, an article that looks at how to not let your interpretation of your blog stats, or assumptions about your blog readers and visitors, get in the way of serving and meeting the needs of your visitors and readers.

Blogger and Podcaster Magazine: It looks like I will be continuing my work with Blogger and Podcaster Magazine into next year. The last three issues included articles on tips you need to know on blogging mistakes, editorial calendars for bloggers, and improving your writing skills. I’m working on a series on turning your blog into a business for the next couple months.

Among the Must-Read Blogs: Damien Riley published a “Must-Read Blogs This Season” which included me, but also a lot of other interesting blogs worth checking into.

Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenIt appears my book, “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging” is a hot item for giving to your favorite blogger during the holiday season. Sales have kicked up and I’m barely able to keep up. I’m still sending out autographed copies at the introductory price – while supplies last (sigh) – so get your order in soon before I run out before the holidays. You can order a copy from SplashPress or the new Blog Herald Bookstore. If you would like to order multiple copies, please email me first as that requires special handling.

For more information on the book, see the original announcement and a recent update with reviews and other information, as well as the Blogging Tips Book official page.

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

The most popular posts on Lorelle on WordPress the past week were:

Blasts From the Past

Here are some blasts from the past I’ve written that still are interesting today:

Blog Herald Columns

Recent articles on the included:

  • Blogger Sucks. Wanna Move to WordPress? I’ve been reading about many wanting out of Blogger and deciding to move to WordPress. It’s very easy to move and I offer a step-by-step guide to help you manage your move.
  • The series on Improving Your Blog continues on the and covers the basic tips I redundantly give my web consultant clients that should know better, but don’t. So far, the ongoing series includes:

Some recent weekly WordPress Wednesday News reports included:

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

As I crawled through the web recently, I ran across some interesting posts and articles you should check out:

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