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Weekly Digest: More Blogging Tips Book Reviews, Lorelle on WordPress in Top 5 Blogs About Blogging, Blog Writing Contests, and More

The from this week features more wonderful reviews and recommendations of my new book – the orders are overwhelming! There are also some blogging contests with my book as the reward. If you are interested in the book, I’ve got more details on what it’s about and how to order. A lot of attention has been generated over a new list from Daily Blog Tips putting Lorelle on WordPress in the top five blogs about blogging. And on the Blog Herald, I’m reintroducing bloggers to their most important blogging tool: the web browser.

Exciting Lorelle on WordPress News

Top 25 Bloggers on Blogging: Daily Blog Tips offers a “Top 25 Blogs About Blogging” list with Lorelle on WordPress at number 5. That’s pretty amazing. I’m up with a great crowd of top bloggers.

American Artists Magazine – Artist’s Weblogs: A few months ago, I gave an interview to Daniel Grant about artist bloggers. The article is now published and at American Artists Magazine – Artist’s Weblogs. I love it that our hour+ long interview conversation covering a variety of aspects on blogging got summed up with this:

…For this reason, a website with a focused topic is always advantageous. Says Lorelle VanFossen, a search engine optimization consultant in Gaston, Oregon, who periodically teaches classes for artists on how to use the web for personal and professional advancement, “The more focused your content, the more seriously readers will take you.”

I’d like to publicly correct part of his reference to my resume. I work with anyone, not just artists, and I live “on the road” and just happen to have moved my base to Gaston, Oregon, a couple months ago. Who knows where I will be in six months. 😉 I love it when people try to label me geographically. Or label me in any way.

Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenBlogging Tips by Lorelle on WordPress: My new book, Blogging Tips, What Blogger’s Won’t Tell You About Blogging, is getting great coverage and is flying out the door faster than we can keep up with the orders. Remember, this is a limited printing and with the reduced introductory price, they are selling fast. Get your order in now before we run out of books.

The publisher has asked me to continue offering signed copies for those who want them for another week. If you want yours signed, you’ve got about a week left, but hurry. My hand may fall off from signing so many books. 😉

I’ve published a lot of information, reviews and answers to questions about the book in Update on My Blogging Tips Book: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging.

Blog Writing Contests: The Working At Home On The Internet “Work at Home/Blogging Project” and Liz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers’ post writing competition, “The Metaphor Project: What’s Your Blogging Metaphor?” competitions which feature my book as the reward for the winners. I’ve featured some of the first participants in these contests in my book update announcement.

WordCamp 2007 will be July 21-22 in San Francisco: There is an “unofficial page but the new official site is at and Matt says it will be at the same place as last year, the Swedish American Hall on Market Street, and that there may be a small fee for attendees, probably to help cover costs of the hall and event.

Track Lorelle on WordPress Posts Through 9Rules: As a member of the 9Rules Network, my blog posts are aggregated and featured on 9Rules. There are also discussions about the blog posts or specific questions and answers for 9Rules members such as recent discussions on Selling or Buying a Blog and What Makes A Blogger Sexy?.

What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress

This past week’s articles from included:

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

Comment Spammers Never Stop, Even When Your Blog is Down continues to bring in a lot of traffic, which is very interesting to me. If your blog is down, of course spammers are going to keep attacking. They never stop. So I wonder why this was such a surprise and of such interest to so many? Logical to me. Fortunately, most people are back up and running with a WordPress upgrade in less than 30 minutes, often within 5-10 minutes, so few get through and it’s easily managed if they do. It’s nothing to worry about, just something you should know.

Get Your Blog Now Verified also continues to bring in a lot of attention as bloggers want the stats that Google can provide. However, this system is not for full version WordPress users. It is only for blogs. It’s much easier for full version WordPress users to get their sitemap verified and I have an article on how coming out next week.

Linking To and From Lorelle on WordPress

I was delighted with the wonderful response to my recent blog challenge, Who Would You Like To See Blog From History? The author of Focal Plane wrote “A Blog A Day Keeps Boredom Away”, a brilliant look at different famous folks from history and whether or not their blogs would be of interest, and then offers an incredible insight into what Ben Franklin’s blogs would be like if he blogged. That’s right. Blogs. As in more than one. And he would have more than one, wouldn’t he?

Others who accepted the challenge include Mandarine Le Chat, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished, and System 13.

It thrills my heart no end to know that I’m helping bloggers blog and WordPress bloggers to blog better. Even when featured in another language. Blograma’s WordPress Tutorial hosts a ton of fabulous and informative resources for learning how to blog with WordPress, including several articles I’ve written on the subject such as Where to find WordPress Plugins, WordPress Plugins post category, Favorite WordPress Plugins of WordPress Users, What Does It Take to Blog?, and my blog is credited as “ganz exzellent!”. It also links to some of the articles I’ve written for the WordPress Codex such as Getting started with WordPress and many of the WordPress Lessons for Beginners, work I’m very proud of as they have stood the test of time. Honestly, it feels great to be of value to bloggers and WordPress fans. I just do my little thing and people seem to like it. That’s nice.

I’m excited about all the attention the Working at Home on the Internet Home Blogging Project competition and Liz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers offers “The Metaphor Project: What’s Your Blogging Metaphor?” are getting. The articles these blogging projects are generating will prove invaluable to a lot of bloggers and readers.

One of the Top 25 Blogs About Blogging: Inclusion in Daily Blog Tips’ “Top 25 Blogs About Blogging” has produced a ton of incoming links and trackbacks as others copy the top five or ten or the whole list and reproduce it on their blogs. The power of the link list continues to drive traffic. 😀

Other popular destinations and recommendations from this blog elsewhere included:

Blog Herald Columns

Last week, I started the new series on the Web Browser Guide for Bloggers on the and the response has been incredible. It’s getting a lot of traffic and attention.

I think it’s important that we learn more about the tool we use constantly to explore the web, write articles for your blogs and read blogs. And others want to know more, too. Next week, I’m tackling everyone’s favorite subject: tabs.

Web Browser Guide Article Series

Recently weekly WordPress news announcements from the past few weeks include:

Some other noteworthy articles you should be reading recently published on the Blog Herald include:

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

For my linkworthy links this week, I thought I’d showcase some of the brilliance around that I’ve found recently:

Blasts From the Past

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    Lorelle, thanks for picking up the list. It was no surprise for me to find you at the fifth position. That is the result of hard word.

    Keep it up!

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