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How WordPress Users are Benefiting from

I’ve explained many times how is benefiting WordPress users as a testing site for the upcoming release of WordPress 1.6 (sorry – still not out yet!) and for . There are a lot of WordPress fans and volunteers out there who are, shall I say, “unhappy” with and WordPressMU and how it seems to be pulling people away from the full version of WordPress. So I thought I’d show you an example of how WordPress users are reaping the benefits of what is happening with

In Ryan Boren’s Monthly Summary of the status of WordPress 1.6 development, he lists a lot of the bug fixes and new features fixed and added to the test versions of WordPress 1.6. One of the features is the WYSIWYG Write Post interface which has been made more accessible in keeping with web standards – a feature that users are enjoying thoroughly.

Adding Flickr images to your WordPress blog will be even easier with a new feature by Owen Winkler, thoroughly tested out by users recently.

Ryan also explains that some behind the scenes work is underway to really speed up how WordPress works:

I worked behind the scenes on database versioning and a persistent object cache. Users don’t really care about these since they’re not visible, but the changes should result in a faster, leaner, and more vigorous WordPress. Honest.

Much of the amazing work WordPress Developers and hackers are doing to make WordPress 1.6 be the best blogging tool around is being put through the hands of users. Yes, we live with the occassional snafu, but for the most part, we love the entertainment value of a day spent looking at a slightly skewed image upload feature that suddenly becomes even better than before. Developers are being really responsive to us users as we click the Feedback tag to tell them what we think, want fixed, what’s broke, and what’s excellent.

So I give my thanks to the thousands of users who are putting this multi-user site to the test. And to the developers who are busting their buns to keep us and all WordPress users not only happy but served with better than ever software, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.

Keep up the great work and thanks for letting us be part of the ride.

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  1. Vc
    Posted November 18, 2005 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

    2.0 beta 1 is available now….

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