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One Year Anniversary Review: Helping Users

has won very high marks and reviews for awesome customer service and documentation in the past two years. It was only natural when things got going for bloggers to provide similar top quality help and support.

It took a while to create a . Before it arrived, I pitched in with “What can you do with” and “WordPress Versions – How Many and What’s the Difference?” to help people understand what was and how it was different from the full version of WordPress. I even invited people to ask “What do you want to know about WordPress and” so we could figure out what you wanted to know and how best to answer your questions.

Eventually, I wrote “What Do I Do With My New Blog”, a step-by-step guide on how to get started with your new blog, setting up categories, choosing a look, and writing your first posts.

The first “unofficial” support site started in December, and they were overwhelmed. The official Support Forum opened its doors in January.

Since many of the early users were experienced WordPress users, at first, there were a lot of complaints about and how it wasn’t like the full version of WordPress. They wanted the ability to control what their blogs looked like, add ads, and use WordPress Plugins they were accustomed to using with the full version.

In an attempt to get them to think about what could do, and not about what it couldn’t, I wrote “What to do with your free blog” and people seemed to get it.

There are some very sweet new features that will be awesome once they are finalized, and much to look forward to in the new version of WordPress, but for now, let’s focus on what you can, and can’t, do on

The focus for WordPress has always been to concentrate the user on the content, not the code underneath, and this is what the new version does. It keeps your eye on the prize, the writing and images, so you can blog to your heart’s content and start putting your new WordPress site to the test.

…So, what can and can’t you do with your new blog? Anything you want and tomorrow, you might be able to do even more. is all about blogging. Not tweaking, twitching, or tearing your blog apart by the seams. It was about the words, graphics, and photographs, your visual artwork and artistic expression, presented to the world. was about blogging, nothing more, nothing less.

When the “by invitation only” was dropped and was open to the public, I wrote up a basic instruction guide on how to get your blog and what to expect from it, which helped a lot of people and still holds true today:

Here are some things to know about your free blog:

  • It’s About Blogging: A blog is all about blogging. It is not about designing, tweaking, adding, customizing, advertising, or personalization. It is about the words. It is about the content. Just blog to your heart’s content, as often as you want, and tell the world what you think, what your opinion is, and help us to learn more about your life and the world around you. Just blog.
  • It’s Not About Web Design: Trust me. I am an expert in web design, layout, CSS, HTML, etc., and is NOT about web design. If you want to design your own web page, play around with the graphics, layout, and design, then get the free, full version of WordPress and tweak it to your delight. is about blogging.
  • You Can Blog About Anything You Want (sorta): You can use your blog to blog about anything you want. Anything. Okay…
  • Domain Name is MYNAME.WORDPRESS.COM: If you want a domain name such as then you need to get your own host and use the full version of WordPress. If you want to blog free, then your domain name will be…
  • No Javascripts or CSS: For security reasons, strips out Javascripts and CSS inline styles as well as some HTML tags from the post content written in the Write Post panel. If you want to use Javascript or inline styles, then get the full version of WordPress.
  • is a Test Site: is a test site. Please remember that. Things will change without warning. Things will improve, things will break and be fixed, and things will change as you watch over time…
  • You Can Blog in Most Languages: On the Administration Panel > Options, you can now choose which language you will be blogging in…There are dozens of languages used on which is amazing since not every free blog hosts such international flavors…

So the purpose of is to give you an opportunity to blog for free, but it is a limited and controlled environment. It is also a test site, so stay tuned for changes, which makes it exciting. is not the blog for everyone, but everyone can use it.

Get Your Free Blog Now by Lorelle VanFossen

Today, you can customize the look of your blog and more features are on their way. continues to evolve and improve every day. I told people over and over again that blogging with was an adventure. Everyday something new.

Finding Help for Users

Today, users have more resources for help than my humble blog. The is fairly active and is always looking for more experienced users to come in and help other users answer their questions and learn more about how works.

The blog has a huge listing of frequently asked questions, tips, and solutions to some of your problems to help users learn more about

The , the online manual for WordPress users, has a lot of information to help users, and more is on the way. Start with the Guide page. I’ve also written a step-by-step guide of how to use the WordPress Codex, for those looking for more indepth information and resources.

Together, we all learned about and how it worked as it developed. It’s still developing, so stay tuned for more information, tips, and tricks for using! Here are some articles I wrote to help users use over the past year.

Articles About Helping Users

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