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Yes, all you users, you now have a place to call your own for support services and dialog. The brand new Forums are up and running. This is where, hopefully, you can get the answers you need to your questions and find others who are blogging on

Volunteers are answering questions in the forum, helping users understand how it works and what you can, and can’t, do with I’d like to answer two of the most common questions here, so you can get the answers now and not ask in the forum.

1. Can I get an invite? How do I get an invite?

Let’s make this very clear. You get an invite from someone who has a blog and gives it to you. Or you go to the main page and sign up for an invite there. A specific number is handed out daily and your turn will come, it’s just a matter of time. There are plenty of invites, just be patient. And stop asking!

UPDATE: The invites are finished, though you can still invite someone through your own invitations if you want. If you want a blog, then Signup for one and you should get information emailed to you on how to do the next step. For more information on this, see Get Your Free Blog Now.

2. What can I do on Can I customize my Theme? Can I add a plugin? Can I change this or that or anything?

You can do just about anything you want with your blog as long as it involves blogging. When it comes to customization, the answers are: No. No. And more no. There are a few new Themes that allow some form of customization, but you get what you find when you choose a Theme. Yes, unfairly, there are bloggers on who have special features and customization. These spoiled folks got such favoritism when negotiating with the developers to move their blogs to When you have the weight they have to throw themselves around, then you can negotiate to get more goodies, too. For now, just like me, you get what is in the package, no more or less. Want more control, customization, use of advertising, and just “more”, pay for a host site and install the full version of WordPress, which is also free but has a lot more bells and whistles.

Customization will be coming down the road and the program is developed more and security is assured. For now, just blog and be happy that you can blog for free. And do your best blogging!

Here are some other resources for help on

And if there are topics you would like to see about and WordPress in general, be sure and ask. This blog is here to help you, the WordPress and user, to learn how to blog and how to get the most out of WordPress.

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  1. Posted January 10, 2006 at 12:04 am | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,
    one comment – point 1 on invites – aren’t they now redundant? Can’t every one sign up “instantly” at ? Where you can now “Get your own account in seconds”….
    Otherwise – keep on with it all!

  2. Posted January 10, 2006 at 8:24 am | Permalink

    Well, that news slipped under my radar. You’re right. You can sign up for your own account by clicking “JOIN” from the main menu or gong to Signup to get your own.

    Thank you for pointing this out. I sure hope this stops the begging for invites. 😉

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