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First Highlights of Blogathon Bloggers

For those of you blogging non-stop for 24 hours for the Blogathon and aching and whining, know that there are many of us reading your blogs during the same 24 hours. And my butt is numb and my back is killing me. You are not alone.

I’ve been poking at a lot of the blogs on the Blogathon blog list to check out who is blogging and what they are blogging about.

It’s been really interesting following what the more than 250 bloggers are blogging about during this year’s Blogathon. Yes, I know that the publicity says that the number is over 373, but I found a LOT of blogs on the list are defunct, not blogging, never blogged, or I just can’t figure out how to leave the static front page to find any Blogathon posts.

On my list of tips for blogging in the annual Blogathon, I mentioned that it’s better to blog about something, that “something” being an invitation for readers to not only stay with you during the Blogathon but also to get them to come back afterwards. This point held very true for me in holding my weary attention as I prowled through over a hundred blogs so far. Those blogging with “something to say” were definitely more interesting than those randomly spewing out noise, I have to admit.

There are some really interesting subjects being blogged about.

Paws and Effect is blogging about cat behavior and treatments, offering a ton of ideas for cat lovers dealing with their cat issues. Even I found some great tips like the “Act(s) of God Method” for behavior modification. Dreaming in Atomic Pajamas is blogging about raptors and birds of prey, including various eagles, hawks, owls, and vultures.

Blogathon at Peaceful Waters is blogging the Lutheran Church Alphabet, introducing all of us to what all those acronyms and and other alphabet words mean. Myopia2000 is blogging a movie quote guessing game.

Clay Hasychak – So You Want to Murder a Racecar Driver is blogging a mystery and detective story, as is The Dark Whisper. Footsteps in the Mirror is posting closeup photographs in the first half of every hour and urging readers to guess what the picture is. There are some very neat abstract photographs there.

Some are telling their life stories. Pieces of Me is blogging a fascinating and well traveled life story beginning with “I was born on the island of New Guinea in 1959. The story goes that there was a mid-wife involved and the local medicine man. Would that be a witch doctor?” CatEcumen is blogging with the premise “If you had 24 hours to tell the story of your life”, using scanned old photographs to tell her story of life, including living in Israel during the Yom Kippur War and going through law school.

Manic Theory’s Blogathon 2006 – Boob-a-thon is raising money for breast cancer by highlighting male and female breasts, mostly PG rated, but still amusing writing and fun boobies and moobies. Sewablogathon is blogging non-stop while sewing clothes and showing us the process.

There are several teams of bloggers participating on the same blog as part of the Blogathon. One interesting group is Mommie Talk which is blogging about memories of childhood and mothers. Very touching memories.

One personal surprise was Educated Deviant‘s Blogathon theme which is blogging for bucks for and about the charity and international, educational organization, Up With People, from which I hail, too. I thought they were finally defunct and was heartbroken. I’m thrilled to find out that they are still traveling around the world making the world a better place.

Here is my first list of the blogs in the Blogathon that struck a memorable nerve with me.

There are a lot of Blogathon bloggers out there scrambling for things to write about. I recommend you check out Blog Challenge: Personal Blogging – Tell Us a Story, especially the highlighted article on Personal Narrative Collection of Suggestions to help trigger some memories or story ideas.

I’m going to keep poking around the Blogathon blog list to see what other neat treasures and blogs I might find. Have you found any blogging treasures yourself?

Keep on blogging. It’s for a worthy cause.

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  1. Posted July 29, 2006 at 7:14 pm | Permalink

    It’s amazing what a seemingly random search can bring you!

  2. Posted July 29, 2006 at 7:24 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the plug Lorelle, there is something though about what I write more than just guessing what the pictures are. They relate a little more philosophically than that. They are a little gibberish right now, but if you focus on the firat half of the Blogathon, they sport a message. If I pull it off right, they should all come together at the end of the final post so stay tuned for that one. 🙂

  3. Posted August 5, 2006 at 11:25 pm | Permalink

    thanks for plugging me. i’m honestly very touched. 🙂

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