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Things to Stay Tuned For

At the time I’m writing this, the developers are still having trouble with my blog (and others) with a non-functioning future posts feature. I’m on the road extensively for the next 10 days and will be out of Internet range for a good portion of the time. So I won’t be around every day to push the buttons that release each post.

So I thought I’d let you know what to stay tuned for as I continue my months of endless traveling across North America. Consider this a preview of things to come.

Developing a Genealogy Blog Series

I mentioned a while ago that I was looking for tips and help on developing a genealogy blog with WordPress, and I found a few helpful souls (still looking for more). I will be writing extensively about developing and creating a genealogy blog. While genealogy and your family roots may not interest you, the process of developing this kind of blog model probably will.

I will be covering the process of developing a blog from scratch, making a plan, working with multiple bloggers, copyright and permission issues with multiple bloggers and authors, using video and podcasts and photographs on your blog, publishing a book with a blog, non-WordPress tools and utilities incorporated into a WordPress blog, designing a WordPress Theme, and customizing the various template files, incorporating external search services, and a wide range of topics which may be of interest to you that just happen to be part of a WordPress genealogy blog. Very exciting stuff.

A Deeper Look Into WordPress Template Tags

I’ve written a lot about the various WordPress Template Tags, bits of code that works with WordPress to customize your WordPress Theme template files and the information they generate on your blog, and I’ve gotten a lot of requests to do more. So I’ll be starting an entire month long series soon of nothing but WordPress Template tags (oh, there will be other fun stuff, too), helping you to uncover the powerful tools under the skin of a WordPress Theme.

Introduction to CSS and WordPress Theme Design Basics

While bloggers are stuck with whatever WordPress Themes are out there, a lot of WordPress bloggers want to lift up the hood and tweak, twiddle, or rip apart their WordPress Theme to make it fit their own needs.

I’ll be starting a series soon on the basics of CSS and web page design as it relates to WordPress Themes. Some of this series will help the beginner change just enough to make their Theme work for them, like changing the color of the page background, and other parts will help you really get in and flip the sidebar from one side to another or figure out what style changes which part of your web page.

A few years ago I did an extensive series on CSS design element experiments and a lot of people are having trouble figuring out how they work. I will help you to understand how to copy and emulate these design elements to incorporate them into your blog, whether or not you use WordPress.

Blog Writing Techniques and Styles

As usual, I will be writing about a variety of blog writing styles and techniques and some highlights coming in the future include blogging about witnessed current events, interviews, video and podcasts, telling a story with photographs, photo blogs, journaling, and more stories and examples of the various blogs and blog subjects out there in the Blogosphere.

The Traveling Blogger: The Blogger on the Road

I travel extensively as part of my work and my lifestyle, living on the road full-time since 1996. Full-time traveling means we have no “home” but we do spend some time in one place for a while before we move on. Or a combination of a lot of travel in between some stillness. Recently, I’ve been on the road traveling non-stop since March 2006. Hopefully I will be back home to my family before August, in time pack up our things and hit the road to run from the next hurricane.

I will be sharing some of my lessons from life online on the road with you, as well as discussing how running a website and blog has changed for the traveling blogger over the past 10 years, just so you remember how far we’ve come, and how far we still have to go.

And so much more…

There will be a lot more to stay tuned for. I’ve been doing a lot of web consulting, lecturing, and teaching during these past few months and I’m eager to share with you a lot of the lessons I’ve learned as well as taught. So hang in there during these next two weeks as I do another massive spurt of changing towns every one to two days.

Oh, where will I be on this leg of the trip? Wisconsin! Then back to Seattle and hopefully back to the Gulf Coast, to pack up before the next hurricane.

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  1. Posted June 17, 2006 at 12:01 pm | Permalink

    Sometimes future posts works on my blog, other times, not. There seems to be no pattern to it, either.

    Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Posted June 17, 2006 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    More stuff to keep me coming back 🙂 You enjoy your travels, and I’ll enjoy your writing!

  3. Posted June 22, 2006 at 6:09 am | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    first of all have a nice trip ! A nice travel and the stop to be in front of pc make sure good for your health.

    About your topic , let us know when the prob. will be totally fixed or if exist another way to make the same thing.

    Enjoy you … holidays?

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