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Not Just Slashdotted! Washingtonposted with Technorati

Technorati has partnered with the Washington Post to provide search results from blogs on their articles and columns. What does this mean for the blogger?

Well, in the past if your site or blog was found and referenced in a story by Slashdot, the ultimate of recognition, the bad side of the honor was that the number of visitors and referral traffic coming to your site could and did overwhelm your server and bandwidth limits – closing down many sites. This was called “Slashdotting” or having been “Slashdotted”. Will such inclusions in the Washingto Post increase traffic to blogs and cause similar problems with the Washington Post’s new “Whose Blogging” about the topic at hand?

It’s possible that your site could now be “Washingtonposted” or maybe we just call it “Posted”. “I was Posted yesterday and it crashed my blog.” I would really hate to be “Washingtoned”. 😉

I think it’s brilliant and kudos to Technorati for such a partnership. They offer a fanastic, user-driven service on the web and I see them changing the way people search for information as well as link to more information.

For more information on this new partnership, see PR News Wire Press Release from the Washington Post and Technorati.

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  1. Posted September 26, 2006 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    What about “WaPo’ed”?

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