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Asking for invites

Please don’t ask. I’ll have to turn you down. Not because I want to. Not because I don’t like you. Not because I can. I’ll turn you down because, like everyone else on, I only had ONE. I gave mine away within a few minutes to someone I care about and adore, my husband.

Yes, we are talking about invites. A lot of people are asking me and I have none to give away. And a lot of other users are being asked. They also got only one invite with their free blogging site. Let them make up their own minds on who they will give their free invite away to.

To get an invite to blog free on, you can sign up like everyone else at I’m still looking for contestants worthy of being interviewed about their site. So leave a note on that post requesting an interview and tell me why you deserve it. And make sure your blog impresses me. 😉

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