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Blog Exercises: August Random Editing Day

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.Today it is 8 posts to edit on our monthly Random Editing Day.

Each month in the Blog Exercises series, I challenge you to edit random published posts on your blog, adding one for every month of the year. This month is eight posts. Are you ready?

It was easier in January and February if you joined us then. You had one and two posts per month to edit. Editing 8 posts in a day can be a huge task, but you should be experienced now at scanning through a post looking for missed spellings, grammar fixes, punctuation details, and other details that need a little cleaning up and tightening.

Touring the Anne Hathaways Cottage and recreated Shakespearean and English village from the 16th century, the tour guide described the saying, “Sleep tight,” descendant from the time when bed mattresses were supported off the floor with a series of ropes tied into each bed frame side. Over time, with the weight and body heat of the sleeper(s), the ropes would stretch. They would have to be tightened to prevent everyone in the bed rolling into the middle.

I think of these random editing days as a chance to tighten the ropes holding up your blog.

Blog Exercise Task from Lorelle on WordPress.As described in the original exercise, your task today is to find eight random previously published posts and edit them. Use the list in the original exercise as a review on what to look for when editing the article.

As I just used a colloquial phrase, why not do a search for some common phrases you use and edit those posts among your eight random posts. What phrase do you use regularly that might turn up in blog posts? “Hot as hell,” “’til the cows came home,” “deader than a door knob,” we often say these odd things passed down from generation to generation and culture to culture.

Find yours and do some editing on those posts, or just bang around until you find eight posts to clean up and reintroduce to the world with your newly educated and learned writin’ styles.

Show us your best edits by adding a hat tip link to the edited post(s) to this post to generate a trackback, or post a link to the two posts in the comments. Include an explanation of why you are proud of your editing skills. If WordPress moderates the comment because of the links, be patient as I’ll be here as soon as possible to approve the comment. Thanks!

You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is a year-long challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles.

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