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Rant Over Excuses for Not Being a Web Professional

I’ve long wanted to rant about how anyone today seems to be able to pass themselves off as an expert, especially when it comes to web design and development. Oh, I could easily build up some steam.

Today, I don’t have to rant. Roger Johansson of 456 Berea Street lets go in “Lame Excuses for Not Being a Web Professional” is doing the ranting for me.

What frustrates me is that the Web industry is overflowing with lazy, ignorant, incompetent people who do not seem to have the slightest interest in learning how to do things properly.

Lorelle Rants

It’s not that I don’t rant, I do. I just usually rant to my cats, the walls, and anyone standing nearby. Still, I have had a few good rants once in a while:

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One Comment

  1. joe
    Posted May 2, 2007 at 6:29 am | Permalink

    And exactly what are your professional qualifications as a web designer?

    I don’t mean this as a flame, in all honesty I enjoy your blog and have found a lot of useful info about WordPress here.

    But the fact is a lot of people assume (and I’m not accusing you of this) that they blog therefore they are web designers. I’d like you to please clarify the distinction of an actual web pro please. (Beyond the standards debate, because I think we all know that if you’re not using standards than you shouldn’t be calling yourself a professional)

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