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I’ve written a bit about different types of bloggers and the reasons they blog, like celebrities, disabled, and even blogs about Hurricane Katrina. I just found a blog hosting site that specializes in blogs for PhD candidates that might be of interest to our more learned crowd.

PhD Weblogs features a wide range of thesis and PhD projects, covering a wide range of topics including Social Sciences, Multidisciplinary, Computer Science, Language and Culture, and History and Archeology. The project is based in Portugal and bloggers come from all over the world. They describe themselves this way: is a non-profit initiative to bring together PhD students’ weblogs from all around the world. If you are preparing a PhD, and have a blog about your research interests, you can register it here. We also accept other research-related weblogs, even if they are not directly connected to a PhD.

The PhD bloggers are very diverse. Here are some highlights from PhD bloggers I stumbled across:

The Rambler: The Rambler is a PhD candidate in musicology and a music teacher who blogs about music, music research, and the state of affairs of music.

Debitage: This PhD student is working on “using adaptive management principles to deal with bushfires in suburban Australia.”

Mathemagenic: Lilia Efimova is the PhD candidate behind Mathemagenic, an author of several books and an admittedly open “learning addict” who blogs about how to learn, facilitating learning, and life as a learning addict.

Tales of a MD/PhD student: This MD/PhD student who loves the research angle of medicine, and is focused on cognitive neuroscience. The stories of med school and the intensive learning process fill his well written blog.

Cog Wheels: Subtitled “Petra Sonderegger’s notes on innovation, telecommunications and networks”, this pretty much sums up this highly research oriented blog about the web, Internet, telecommunications technologies and networking.

Culture Cat: Rhetoric and Feminism:Culture Cat is the blog by Clancy Ratliff, a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Rhetoric, who is also minoring in Feminist Studies. The rhetoric part of the blog seems to be about blogging and the Blogosphere, and the feminism parts, well, they cut ice with intellectual knives.

PhD Weblogs is more of a portal than a hosted community like or which feature blogging software. PhD and research students register their blogs with PhD Weblogs and links to their blogs are provided to those searching for PhD information through the site.

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  1. Posted February 8, 2006 at 9:23 am | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle – thanks for linking me as a ‘highlight’ of PhD weblogs!

  2. Ruben
    Posted June 23, 2009 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    Nice article lorelle 😀 !!

    Just wanted to tell you the link to “Culture Cat: Rhetoric and Feminism” is wrong, it’ pointing to this very same post :P. Thought you maybe wanted to know :D.

    If you ‘surfers’ out there are looking for it, here it goes:

    Let’s check it, cause it sounds nice 😀

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