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Posting Pictures for Viewing

VanFossen Family Reunion 2005My professional photography friends joke that the difference between a professional photographer and an amatuer photographer is that an amatuer photographer has a Christmas tree photo at both ends of a roll of film. Yes, it’s holiday time and next to vacation time, it is the single most photographed event in the history of the world.

In keeping with our need to photographically document our family’s holiday season, including pictures of Aunt Sally picking the last dregs of pie from the pie pan and Uncle Bill falling asleep in his chair, mouth open and snoring, the need to see those digital images on the Internet is increasing. The move from bookshelves and attics filled with photo albums has arrived and the digital camera now needs digital albums online for everyone to see what the family has been up to this time.

PC Magazine’s article, “Post Your Pic” reviews the best and worst online photo albums and viewing resources:

For this roundup, we judged sites by how well they let you share photos and by how many extras they offer, such as keyword searches, community features, and group collections. (Most of the sites offer printing services, but print quality was not part of this story.) We found that there’s a huge variety in what sharing sites offer, and that many sites hide their paid options until you’ve signed up for a free account. Learn as much as you can before you start, because once you’ve begun uploading lots of pictures to a site, you’ll probably want to stay with it.

While you can also share your photos in your blog, a lot of people just want to share the photos and not the stories behind them. Either way, it’s worth checking out.

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  1. Posted December 10, 2005 at 12:37 pm | Permalink

    Users mainly could be divided into two groups – who never put their photo in the internet and those who post a looot of them. But I need to say that the big number of profesional online albums are growing now and such articles show this.

  2. Posted April 21, 2007 at 3:49 am | Permalink

    It is horrible what occured at VT a few days ago.
    The news guys are really showing these videoclips too much.
    I hope it doesn’t put bad ideas in the heads of new killers!
    I wonder if there’s any footage not shown yet.
    I hope the coverage goes away…

  3. Posted August 7, 2007 at 9:04 am | Permalink

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    Check out and anonymize your links, the safe, secure, and effective way to never being traced again!
    Or a faster way with those of you with tons of media links, pop open notepad, paste em in, got to edit->replace, and replace all “http” with “”
    This will anonymize all of your links and secure your site/files 🙂

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