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New WordPress Programming Contest

Weblog Tools Collection is announcing a new WordPress Programming Competition – well, don’t get in a rush yet. Actually, the announcement is to look for judges to help to prepare the new contest.

Last year’s WordPress Plugin Contest (now renamed) was a huge success and this year’s contest will run from December to May, and judges are desperately needed.

However, this post is about the judges. If you would like to be considered as a judge, please send me an email with a list of stuff that makes you eligible. Mark the subject as “Wordpress Programming Competition Judge?. Though the judges’ names will not be made public, I do expect you to be responsible, available for a reasonable amount of time (I try to be as accomodating as possible) and try to follow the requested schedule. You will be asked to judge every entry into the competition (be it 10 or a million) but there will be adequate time for everyone to carry on with their lives. I know some of the previous judges expressed eagerness to judge again, if you still feel the same way, please drop me a small note.

So if you are interested in judging, then get on over there. If you are thinking of entering the contest, start clearing your plate to get your wizbang thinking cap on for your programming and plugin submissions. With the introduction of Ajax and soon-to-be-released WordPress 1.6, the contest should be even more exciting than ever.

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