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One Year Anniversary Review: In the Beginning WordPress Begot WordPressMU Begot

The dream was “how to make WordPress available to everyone, no matter what level of experience or expertise they had”. Individual WordPress blogs are great, but the popularity and ease of blogging got the corporate world interested in providing blogs for their employees as a way to communicate with the outside world on what they […]

WordPress 2.0

I’ll be writing more about WordPress 2.0 but I wanted to make sure you all had access to some great information and posts about it before I get to the topic. Those of you using have already been using WordPress 2.0, or a near proximity to it. So you’ve been able to see the […]

WordPress 1.5.2

WordPress has released an upgrade called 1.5.2 with some security fixes and a few neat new features and benefits, though most of them are under the hood. You can download the upgrade via WordPress Downloads. In general, follow the upgrading instructions on the Codex, but there are specific instructions here on the WordPress Support Forum, […]