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Blog Exercises: Unfinished Business

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.In this ongoing series called Blog Exercises, let’s tackle your UFOs.

In quilting and sewing, UFO stands for Unfinished Objects. We all have them, in our work, our personal lives, and on our blog.

Do you have a to do list hanging around your desk or locked in your phone regarding your blog? It’s time to dig it out and work on it.

If you don’t have a task list, it’s time to start one.

Think of all the undone things or tasks you tacked to the back of your mind at the beginning of your blog with a large round tuit. You know the tuit. The thing that holds things until you get a round to it?

These are a few of the things often overlooked or set on the tuit pile.

  • Site Title: You’ve been blogging a while. Does your site title still work for you? If not, put it on the list to change it.
  • Tagline: Does your tagline, your site’s subtitle, still represent your site’s purpose and identity?
  • Admin Email: You may have meant to change the administration email to a better email address, possibly a more professional one now that you’ve established yourself. The email sally938 might not be working for you today. Check it to make sure it is still accurate, and consider changing it to a professional sounding one.
  • Editor Login: To enhance the security of your site, it is recommended that you create a second login as a safe user account to use when you are traveling or at an insecure Internet access point. Use your admin login only when you need to make changes to the design.
  • Two-step Authentication: Most WordPress sites offer two-step authentication to keep your site’s login access a bit more secure. Do it if you haven’t. Yes, it can be a pain when you forget your username or password, but this extra step can alert you to hackers and illegal attempts to access your site.
  • Post Updates: Has technology changed or is their new news associated with an old post you wrote. Has that been nagging you? Add it to the list to update with the new information.
  • Gravatar/Profile Image: When was the last time you updated your profile image? Still using the photo from 1999 with that bad haircut? Or the one in 2010 when you thought it would be cute to hold the camera over your head to take your selfie? You’ve been meaning to change it, so get it done.

Blog Exercise Task from Lorelle on WordPress.Your blog exercise is to go through your task list and finish all your unfinished business.

Check your drafts. Do you have some posts you started but never finished? Complete them or delete them.

Check your idea notebook or whatever you use to track ideas for potential posts. Are there some posts in there about ready to be written up and published? Get them done.

Also check for items you may have published but forgot to remove from the list, as well as ideas that have passed their prime and probably won’t serve you in the future.

Then look deeper, into the back of your head where the nags spend most of their time. You know what I’m talking about. The nags that say: “I really should write about this.” Stop feeding the naggers in your brain and get those things out of your head and done.

It’s time to get busy and get finished your unfinished business on your blog.

You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is an ongoing challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles. You may join us at any time, but I recommend you take a moment to visit past blog exercises to help invigorate your site.

Also check out Lorelle’s WordPress School for a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up your site with WordPress.


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    [ Smiles ] In short, keep everything updated!

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