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Blog Exercises: Blog Your Hobby

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.The following blog exercise is inspired by Janet Williams of Janet’s Notebook and her post on “Unique British post boxes: share your hobby.”

Who would have thought that an article on UK post boxes would bring post box enthusiasts and historians out of the woodwork to her blog?

My interaction with Ruby brings me to think about the blogger-reader relationship. For example, I’ve known Ruby as a mathematician, who’s passionate about church bell ringing and saving life as a first-aider, and she can also work out world’s economics in a shower, but I’ve never realised she’s so geeky about post boxes too. What a revelation!

The web is full of wonderfully interesting geeky people, who’re unique, focused and enthusiastic. Being a geek used to carry a negative connotation. Being a geek implies that you are rather sad and pathetic and you’re socially inadequate. You may also become a mass murderer like Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook.

However, I’ve found many interesting geeks online. I’m one of them. My friends tease me as an origami geek. I received harmless comments like “Why don’t you just get a life?”

People are always more than their labels. By going online and public with her “inner geek,” Janet has found she’s not alone, and in many ways, not much different from many others feeling the same way, tired of people telling her to get a life when her life is so much more than their label.

It’s time to show the world you are more than your labels.

In my blog exercise on searching for like-minds, those passionate about the same things as you, I want you to open the door on your hobby, the thing you do for no money to keep your creative spirit energized.

Come out of the closet and reveal your hobby, and inner passions, to your readers.

Blog Exercise Task from Lorelle on WordPress.Today’s blog exercise is to blog your hobby.

For some people, this will be easy, though finding a connection between your hobby and your blog’s topic might be a stretch. Stretch anyway. Find a way to connect.

Husband and teenage nephew build a longboard skateboard in the woodshop with too many clamps, photograph by Lorelle VanFossen.My husband is passionate about woodworking, acoustic guitar, and the stock market. You would think that these have little in common with his job as an aerospace engineer. He spends his whole day analyzing numbers, stress points, material handling, determining how to put pieces of the puzzle together, determine when and where they will break, and how to keep people alive in the future as they fly around the world. At home, his analytical mind is actually challenged more when he builds a piece of cabinetry, furniture, or tea caddy (for me), connects mind and body to coordinate a Fernando Sor suite, or determine whether or not Wall Street is going to play nice today. For him, his hobbies keep his income producing mind stimulated, increasing his flexibility and perspective at work.

My own hobbies serve to keep my mind active, but not always stimulated. I love gardening, quilting, sewing, Chinese tea, tatting, and all sorts of arts and crafts. My hobby and work is writing, all forms of it. When I throw myself totally into my work, I’m in heaven. I hate being disturbed. Glue me to my computer anywhere in the world and I’ll not leave it except to pee for days on end, bathing a time-waster. Hobbies pull me away from the words. They stop my thinking. They move my hands in new ways, exercising muscles atrophied by computer hunkering positions. They give me balance. I step out of my high tech world to the world of handmade, hand-grown, and craft, a simpler, non-tech world.

Sharing your hobby with others reveals more about you. As Janet learned, more importantly, hobbies teach you more about your readers. It opens a door between the reader and the writer, strengthening your relationships. I’ve found that people respond and comment when you talk about what interests them more than what interests you. Find that connection.

If you blog about this, link back to this post to create a trackback, or leave a properly formed link in the comments so participants can check out your blog exercise task.

We’re eager to learn about the hobbies that keep your life interesting. Like Janet, you may find you have more in common than you thought!

You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is a year-long challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles.

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  1. Posted July 10, 2013 at 4:49 am | Permalink

    Oh I so love this post! It does take a lot of courage to come out. Perhaps it’s sometimes easier to come out online than in real life. Some people still keep certain conceptions about certain ‘geeks’. I remember Bill Bryson portrays a ‘dangerous’ trainspotter very funnily in Notes from a Small Island. I recently met a lovely young man, with an enthusiasm like the Doctor Who, who told me he was born in the wrong era, as he was a Victorian geek and he collects steam trains. I love his innocent expression and the joy he showed.

    • Posted July 10, 2013 at 11:32 am | Permalink

      As the inspiration for this post, I love how excited you get by learning about people. Not the surface but the deep personalities you meet. I think in many ways that is a hobby – at least a passion – of yours, Janet. It shines through with everything you do!

  2. human being
    Posted July 15, 2013 at 3:11 am | Permalink

    Hey Lorelle,

    It’s really nice the way you have put your opinion about hobbies. Well, it is definitely true that sometimes, we get distracted by our hobbies; we can’t quite concentrate on our daily work. But at the same time, hobbies are also essential in order to give you some relief from your daily routine.

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