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Blog Exercises: Spell Checkup on Categories and Tags

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.Oh no! I was writing out a tag in WordPress and the auto-suggest feature popped up with a misspelled tag name! Yikes!

Today’s blog exercise is to clean up your tag and category names to ensure you’ve not made the same mistakes.

To review your category names in WordPress, go to Posts > Categories and go through the list. While you are at it, fill in description words in your category descriptions. Many WordPress Themes feature these on the category pageview such as on WordPress Tips.

To review your tag names in WordPress, go to Posts > Tags. While editing tags, you now have the option to add a tag description which might appear on tag pageviews if the WordPress Theme supports it, which few do currently.

Tag panel in WordPress - Lorelle on WordPress.

Reviewing your tags might be a simple job if you have only a few. If site-wide tags were available when I started blogging, I’d have thousands upon thousands of tags to inspect. Site-only tags were added to only recently. Before that, they were global tags, linking all sites together by tags, resulting in my articles grouped with unrelated content more often than not as people didn’t know how to use tags well. I have over 2,000 tags to deal with, reminding me that I also need to go through my thousands of older published posts and tag them.


If you are faced with a vast list, here are some tips to find your own tag misspellings and mixups. Begin by going to Screen Options on the Tag Panel and increasing the number of tags to display so you see more tags on the page and have less “pages” to sift through.

  • Search for commonly misspelled words. I often spell WordPress wrong when I’m racing through, playing dyselxia resulting in worpdress and wordperss.
  • Look for punctuation errors. WordPress tags are separated by commas. Once in a while, a comma will mystically turn into a period or not make its way between the words and phrases. As you scan the list, a long tag name may catch your eye. Check that a punctuation didn’t go missing merging two tag phrases or words into one. Try a search with a period in the search form. That turned up many for me.

    WordPress tags featuring periods not commas by mistake.

  • Scan the Popular Tags list: If you use the auto-suggestion feature much, you may find that you’ve been picking a word that has been misspelled for a while. I found one in my list. You might find some in yours.
  • Search for random words you combine with others: I use tag phrases with the word “WordPress.” Going through that long list, I found several misspellings in the words combined with WordPress such as “WordPress lpgins” and “WordPress cimminity.”

Sometimes editing the tag will result in a warning that the tag exists. Cancel and delete the tag instead.

Blog Exercise Task from Lorelle on WordPress.You have your blog exercise for the day. It’s Tag Name Cleanup Day.

It’s boring, I know, but the grammar and spell check police are everywhere. Every detail on your site matters, even the smallest ones.

Use the suggestions listed above or just go through the list on your lunch hour as you nibble at your desk, which I’ve been doing. Or reply upon checking each time the auto-suggestions come up. Make sure they are all right, and when they aren’t, dig into your Tags list and fix it.

If you blog about this blog exercise, don’t forget to include a hat tip link back to this post to create a trackback, or leave a properly formed link in the comments so participants can check out your blog exercise task.

ALERT! I’m working on the six month collection of these blog exercises. Watch this space for news on how you can get a free copy of the first part of the collection.

You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is a year-long challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles.

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  1. Posted June 15, 2013 at 10:43 am | Permalink

    Exercise completed. Found lots of spelling mistakes, odd duplicates, and tags not assigned to posts. I was wondering if I had too many tags; how many is too many? I have about 541 tags. I guess it doesn’t really matter? Thank you!

    • Posted June 15, 2013 at 1:13 pm | Permalink

      Excellent. Surprising, too. And scary. LOl! I’m such a clean freak when it comes to my site so finding misspellings and buggered tags made me crazy!

      There is no limit on tags on a site. There are some appropriate limits on how many tags you put on a single post. Clearly 541 on a single post is inappropriate. 😀

      Tag clouds are typically limited to the top 25 or so tags, larger tags indicative of more content in that tag. They speak loudly in sidebars to help make that good first impression. See Blog Exercises: How to Tag Posts for specifics.

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