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WordPress Introduction Course in Vancouver, Washington

WordPress NewsI will be teaching the WordPress I Introduction course at Clark College Corporate and Continuing Education starting Saturdays, April 27 – July 13, 2013, 9am – noon, in Vancouver, Washington, just across the river from the Airport at the Columbia Tech Center. What a great way to get to learn about how WordPress works without suffering rush hour evening traffic!

Help me spread the word. If you know of someone in the Washington/Oregon area in need of WordPress help, advice, and training, please let them know. This is a unique class taught by a long-time WordPress expert – me – and you know me already, so the class has to be good, right? 😀 Thank you.

How Does the WordPress Class Work

Similar to my college courses on WordPress, this course is a basic introduction to WordPress focused on content creation, management, development, and organization. It includes the basics of social media interactivity, web writing, WordPress Themes, and WordPress Plugins, all the core things you need to know to create your own site or update it to make it a more enjoyable and beneficial experience for your readers and customers. Unlike the college credit courses, this course proceeds at a slower pace, focused on the needs of the students rather than the goals of a degree.

The course is presented in several phases. The first few weeks, the focus is concentrated on your own class site, an experimental site on, to introduce you to WordPress core structure and content organization with the main focus on content, how to present it, organize it, and how to build your site around your message.

We literally go back to the A, B, Cs of WordPress so you learn the terminology as well as how to teach a client how to use the site you design and develop if you are a web designer or developer. Content developers and strategists love this part as we focus on what to put on your site as well as where to put it.

The middle part of the course introduces you to WordPress Theme concepts, designing, customizing, and styling your site around the content. We discuss usability, navigation, functionality, and features of WordPress design and development.

The last part of the course involves students working together on a team final project: building a commercial site for a hypothetical company. The last section puts together everything learned during the course and has you working with your team on content strategies, structures, design, layout, and production. Students will present their team sites as if they are web designers and developers, learning more about how the entire process, from concept to release, works, helping them also understand better how to make their own decisions for their own sites and how to work with web designers and developers.

By the end of the course, the participant will have an experimental class site from which they can build or transfer over to their own site, the experience of building a professional site, and a full understanding of how WordPress works, how to build a WordPress site, and be on the right track for developing WordPress sites.

WordPress Class at Clark College - the first class!

Slow-Paced, Non-Credit: As this is a non-credit college course with a certificate available, and designed for the community, it is a slower paced class with much time spent answering questions about the participants personal and professional needs on their own current WordPress sites or transferring to WordPress. Each class is unique, paced and structured to meet the needs of the students.

The class is designed for those new to blogging, web publishing, and WordPress. The pace of the course is slow and focused on the individual needs of the participants. It is ideal for the personal blogger, family history/genealogy blogger, and small business owner or employee wishing to have an active site.

No Commute! I chose to have this particular class offered on Saturday mornings rather than weekday evenings. I’ve heard from many people that they cannot make the long drive through rush hour traffic after work to get to the evening classes at Clark College, Clark Continuing Ed, and PCC. Many wanting this course live more than an hour away from Portland, making the trip during the week challenging. By holding it Saturday mornings, hopefully these barriers will be removed and you will have the time to take this course without the stress of the commute.

Join the Fun and Magic! On a personal note, rarely have I had more joy in my life than working with my college students to learn about WordPress. I think I have learned more about how WordPress works from my students than my previous ten years working with WordPress. These are people truly dedicated to having their say on the way, to sharing their passions and helping others to do the same. We have too much fun in the course, but we learn from each other, and our sites show the benefits of those lessons. Come join the magic.

REGISTER: You may register online through their site, Clark College Corporate and Continuing Education, or by phone, 360-992-2939, or in person at the new Continuing Education offices in the West Coast Bank Building.

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