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Blog Exercises: Blasts from the Past

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.It’s time to dive into your archives and feature some blasts from the past on your blog.

We all know we have some great gems in our archives, article series, great topics, informative and educational content. Many of these are timeless, yet they tend to get lost in the shuffle of time and search.

We’ve done a variety of editing and reviewing of past posts in previous Blog Exercises. In this one, we want to make your relics come alive!

Blog Exercise Task from Lorelle on WordPress.In this blog exercise I want you to come up with an innovative way to feature your “blasts from the past” and make these posts come alive to your readers again.

There are so many ways to revitalize your past posts. Many are still relevant and helpful to your readers today. Showing off your best posts of the past is another way of enhancing your reputation as well as sharing the expanse of your expertise.

Here are a few tips to help you do some CPR on your past posts. If you come up with more ways to show off your old posts, let us know in the comments below.

  • Update and Announce: Go through one or more favorite and clean them up, making sure they are glowing with information and readability. Then publish a post announcing your updates with links to the posts. Just send your readers back to them.
  • Add Related Posts Manually: Go through your recent posts and look for ones to which you can add related posts manually as additional resources or links to previously written posts. I do this on most of my articles, opening the door to my blasts from the pasts which support the current article.
  • Create a List in the Sidebar: Add a list of post highlights, links to your past posts in your sidebar with a text widget or whatever your web publishing platform allows for editing and changing your sidebar. Or put the list in your footer. Change it every once in a while, or create a Theme for the list of your past posts. I’ve examples of such lists, one with images highlighting my many popular article series, in the sidebar.
  • Every Post Must Link to Another Post: Make it a habit to include one link to another post from every post on your site.
  • Create a Series: We often write several articles on similar topics, exploring it from different angles and perspectives. Find a group of these and edit them into a series, then publish an announcement post about the series, or add a new article to it with links to the past posts in the “series.”
  • Expand the Series: If you wrote an article series, is it completely dead? Maybe not. Write a post with new information or updated information and perspective to reinvigorate the series. Be sure and link to the past posts in the series.
  • Related, Recent, and Highlight Posts WordPress Plugins: There are a variety of WordPress Plugins and Widgets to create post lists in your sidebar and footer, often highlighting past posts. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin and Customizable Post Listings WordPress Plugin are two of my favorites.
  • Did You Know That I Wrote: Find a way to highlight something you wrote in the past with a “Did You Know That I Wrote” or “Blast from the Past” post on a regular basis. Reach back into your archives to find something fun, relevant, or irreverent to highlight on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Tweet, Google+, or Facebook ’em: Instead of just publishing more content including the past posts, make some social media promotions featuring highlights from “the great beyond” or “past highlights” or the popular “blast from the past.” Sent out through your social media channels, older quality content can still find life and possible new audiences.

These are just some of the ways you can revitalize your past posts. Let your imagination have fun with this one and let your old posts come alive!

Remember to include a hat tip link back to this post to create a trackback, or leave a properly formed link in the comments so participants can check out your blog exercise task.

You can find more Blog Exercises on . This is a year-long challenge to help you flex your blogging muscles.

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