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Maria Langer: Celebrating Eight Years Blogging

maria langer photographWe make jokes about Renaissance men, but I’d like to introduce you to a Renaissance woman in the truest sense of the reference. Maria Langer is a lot of things, in addition to a dear friend. Even before we were on a first name basis, she was a mentor and inspiration to me. In honor of the 8th anniversary of her first blogging attempt, I’d like to introduce you to her.

Maria Langer is a commercial helicopter pilot. She owns a helicopter tour and charter business near Phoenix, Arizona.

She’s a writer. Not just any type of writer. She’s a prolific writer.

In addition to articles in manages ranging from aircraft to computers, she’s the author of more than 75 non-fiction books including one of the first books on WordPress, WordPress 2: Visual QuickStart Guide in 2006.

She’s authored many technical guides such as the Visual QuickStart Guides covering Excel, Mac, Outlook, Mac OS, Quicken, Quickbooks, Word, Filemaker Pro, PageMill, AOL, and much more. Other books include Putting Your Small Business on the Web, Macintosh Slick Tricks, Murphy’s Laws of Macs, Mac Power Toolkit, and Dragon Dictate 2.5: Visual QuickStart Guide (due soon).

Her first book was published in 1991 – exactly TWENTY years ago so congrats on that anniversary, too – so she’s seen the amazing evolution of books from print to digital and stuck with it as one of the earliest published authors in the ebook market.

Maria did some ghostwriting for John Dvorak as well as for numerous other software and computer experts, so you might have been touched by work of another that could have been hers!

She writes, narrates, and creates video training materials for a variety of software and clients.

She’s also a web developer, creating websites and blogs since 1997.

She’s a photographer. Her beautiful work rotates in the header art of her blog, An Eclectic Mind.

She’s a frequent guest on podcasts, including MacVoices and WordCast Conversations.

She’s a popular speaker, dazzling the audience at Macworld Expo and other web and software conferences.

She’s a teacher of software applications for online universities including as a long time popular teacher with Lynda.

She’s also a good friend and wonderful person, reaching out and mentoring so many, always willing to go that extra mile to help and give unconditional support.

She goes on long trips on her motorcycle, and if you show up at the right time of year, you may find her not home but camping or out in the desert riding a horse.

Maria started blogging on October 9, 2003, and now runs seven different blogs. I couldn’t even begin to estimate the thousands of blog posts she’s added to the wealth of information and knowledge on the web, not counting all her activity on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites.

And she isn’t stopping.

This isn’t a eulogy. It’s a celebration. One long past due.

Maria is traveling and working all the time, sharing her expertise and love for computer technology, flying, traveling, animals, and nature as far as she can.

Help me recognize and honor this amazing blogger and educator on her 8th blogging anniversary! Give Maria a shout out and let her know if you’ve been influenced or helped by any of her work over the past 20 years!

You can learn more about the amazing work of this beautiful person at:

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  1. Posted October 9, 2011 at 5:18 am | Permalink

    I’d like to know, what’s her typical DAY and WEEK like? How does she do all this stuff?

    My view is that the world is divided up into two kinds of people. Ever hear that expression–“suiting thought to action she . . . ” OR as one friend of mine is always saying, “I’ll just quick run the vacuum (or whatever)” — that’s one kind and Maria no doubt belongs to THAT category. Rest of the world is like me. I think and think and think, make lists, read books like Getting Things Done endlessly–but DON’T simply DO. I doubt if that “I’ll just quick run the vaccum” has ever passed my lips. There are times when I DO quickly do some chores–mostly when something happens that MAKES me do it. Just found a bill that’s due in a week–I’ll just quick run to post office and send THAT.

    Do I never get things done? No, all that thinking leads to visionary plans probably beyond my capabilities (at least when I start) and I gradually do achieve and have achieved some things beyond my basic capabilities.

    Oh well. I’d STILL like to know details of Maria’s day and week. Would probably lead ME to write an adaptation of it for myself and would lead to SOME improvements. I’ve learned SOMETHING from every “How to” I’ve ever read! It’s the gene to implement RIGHT NOW that ‘s lacking.

    • Posted October 9, 2011 at 3:54 pm | Permalink

      @Maggy, so would I. I have no idea how she does all the things she does. She is amazing. She puts her mind to it and gets it done.

      A lot of people are using the speech from a university graduation that Steve Jobs made as they honor him this week. In that speech he tells the graduates to make their decisions in life based on the belief that life is short and that they could die at any time. It clears up your schedule when you think that way. 😀

      You have a ton of things to teach people about how to live life to the most, my friend. While sharing your bridge techniques, don’t forget to leave that behind. 😀

    • Posted October 10, 2011 at 8:57 am | Permalink

      Hi, Maggy. I think there are two reasons I get so much done:

      (1) I don’t have a 9-5 job. All my work is freelance. So my time is not being wasted by an employer.

      (2) I don’t watch television.

      Lists help, books like “Getting Things Done” (which I started reading and then put aside) don’t. (Heck, how much MORE paper do I need around here?) Set a goal and then write down the steps you need to take to achieve it.

      Also, don’t make excuses for why you CAN’T do something. Just do it.

      Staying off social networks would probably help. I really need to stop spending so much time on Facebook. What a time suck THAT is!

      That’s about all the advice I can offer. But thanks for asking; it’s given me something else to blog about.

  2. Posted October 10, 2011 at 8:58 am | Permalink

    Lorelle, you might want to check that pingback. Weird code in there. And, of course, thanks for the link love.

    • Posted October 10, 2011 at 1:30 pm | Permalink

      Cleaned up. Thanks! I’m usually on these within a few hours. I sleep, too, but not for long. 😀

      • Posted October 10, 2011 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

        Any idea why it happened? I hate when unexplained weirdness occurs in my blog.

  3. tammyheff
    Posted October 10, 2011 at 4:44 pm | Permalink

    Lorelle, great post. Maria — congratulations! I was happily surprised to open up Google Reader and see Lorelle’s post with your name.

    • Posted October 10, 2011 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

      Ah, small world syndrome. Is it true autumn is coming late this year to New England? I guess that’s a bit off-topic here. Sorry.

  4. Johnson
    Posted November 10, 2011 at 2:06 am | Permalink

    I tend to have a habit of biting off more than I can chew, but Maria Langer really puts me to shame. I’m just trying to run a humble SEO business whilst trying to finish off my university studies and here we have someone who manages seven different blogs.

    I’ve got no excuse not to make what I’m doing work. I’m glad I stumbled on this blog. Better get to work…

    Thanks for the shot of inspiration!


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