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Testers Needed for the Plugin Beta Tester WordPress Plugin

WordPress PluginsScott Kingsley Clark of the popular Pods WordPress Plugin and founder of SKC Development, is a leading expert in WordPress Plugins. Like many, he’s been working hard to bring some standards and standardization to WordPress Plugins. Working with Mitcho of Yet Another Related Posts Plugin fame, and the WordPress development team, Scott is revitalizing the Plugin Beta Tester WordPress Plugin.

In the past, Plugin Beta Tester gave the ability to users to update to beta versions of all plugins they have installed, helping Plugin authors find users willing to beta test development versions. Scott and Mitcho are taking this Plugin to a new level.

The goal is to standardize the alpha/beta testing process for WordPress Plugin Directory for Plugin authors.

Plugin Beta Tester

According to Scott:

There is a definite need for a standardization of the alpha/beta testing cycles for plugin authors and users alike in the WordPress community. My goal is to facilitate the necessary adjustments to the API and develop features within Plugin Beta Tester that will give users an easy way to opt-in to another release channel much like the WordPress Beta Tester plugin does.

Users will be given the option to select a channel to subscribe to on a per-plugin basis, making it easy to fine-tune their updates for only the plugins they want to test. If something goes wrong or they just want to stop testing, they can rollback to the latest stable version of the plugin and continue on as usual.

Plugin authors will be empowered with a pre-release standard they can easily adhere to/utilize and Users can easily test these versions/report bugs, which strengthens the entire plugin release cycle.

Scott will be using the Plugin Beta Tester with the upcoming release of Pods 2.0 alpha/beta testing cycles, giving other Plugin authors a chance to see the new standardized Plugin in action.

This is exciting for Plugin authors as it helps them make their testing and development easier and more standardized. It’s exciting for users as we can now participate more actively in the development of a WordPress Plugin, helping to improve it for everyone.

If you are a WordPress Plugin author and developer and want to help with the testing and development of the new Plugin Beta Tester, contact them at their Plugin Beta Tester Contact page to get involved.

Also check out this in depth interview with Scott Kingsley Clark on WordCast Conversations.

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