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Word11 AudioCast – UX: Developing Content to Enhance the User Experience


Word11 logoAt noon PST/3PM EST Wednesday, July 27, 2011 (tomorrow), I will be presenting UX: Developing Content to Enhance the User Experience in a livestream audiocast for the Word11 Pre-Event: Prefix. It’s free and open to all, especially those interested in web publishing, blogging, and social media.

I will be discussing blog writing and content generation to enhance the user experience. What it takes to create content which meets your goals and encourages visitor conversions to loyal fans. We’ll taste appetizers filled with web analytics, demographics, customer touch points, and show you the basics of how to serve up tasty content that makes them keep coming back for more. Of course, the main focus will be on doing this all with WordPress, the powerhouse of web publishing.

UPDATE: They’ve added me for an afternoon session at 5PM PST/8PM EST to talk about WordPress. It’s an open session to answer a variety of WordPress questions, from tags and categories, speed blogging tips and techniques, WordPress Plugins, import/export, whatever you want to cover, we’ll be talking about WordPress.

Other speakers scheduled so far include Fernando Fonseca on “Using social media for social change,” Erin Marchak on Drupal, and Elana Roth on SquareSpace.

WORD11 August 27, 2011, in Toronto is being called the world’s first 24-HOUR blogging festival where participants will come together to learn everything there is about blogging and web publishing, including about WordPress and other publishing platforms, content building, building fan bases, social media, customer engagement, and design and development. It’s part conference part unconference, and a lot of blogging. According to the organizers, it’s focused on “the word” as in the power of words to influence and educate the world.

Come join the pre-festival fun tomorrow and join the rest of the crew in Toronto in August to celebrate how blogging has changed the world and where it is going in the future.

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  1. Posted July 26, 2011 at 11:10 am | Permalink

    Break a leg Lorelle!

    I say it everyday, “Content Counts” since we “met” (online) in 2007 we have grown from 1 reader to over 20,000 different readers a month. 100K+ pageviews a month, they just keep coming back.

    As far as “the word and influencing the world,” Jefferson understood the power of the press, it is the same today, the technology to deliver it is just different.

    • Posted July 26, 2011 at 12:18 pm | Permalink

      You, my friend – wow! We’ve been through a lot together and apart! I’m so proud of all you’ve done! So what was the turning point for bringing those folks back?

    • Posted July 26, 2011 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

      Well we never, “lost them” we just started with (1) reader. Back in the mid 2000’s we used wordpress version 1.2 to fight and win a school funding supreme court case here in New Hampshire. The knowledge of that was the kernel for our Online News service. Not a blog, just using “blog” software to compete with the big guys.

      You can’t beat free WP.

      We now have 2x the readers of the local 100 year old news paper that has a online presence. The decade old town penneysaver has no measurable online presence.

      Now with a few dozen authors and a handful of columnists we estimate 70% of our population come to the site at least once a week. This based on Quantcast audits and of course Woopra. In times of disasters like power outages and ice storms that number could be 90% or more.

      I think the thing that we have seen is growth takes a long time and it is steady. It is not an overnight thing. We do see major news events, deaths especially a young persons death, weather events, sexting or good things like our bands China trip bringing people… Then once they find us they come back.

      Another key as long as we are looking at content, is a variety of content in your subject mater. We are a hyper local news service, we cover as much different news as we can. If we only covered politics or obituaries, single items, we would have less readers.

      In the company we make money at we have started to set up ecommerce sites, with WP and Woopra the results have been outstanding. But that’s off topic.

      Steve Young

      • Posted July 26, 2011 at 10:29 pm | Permalink

        I like the idea that you are a hyper local news service, and you understand your reader’s needs. You serve them what they want to eat not what they don’t. Brilliant.

        When it comes to the user experience, it’s important to first truly understand your demographics, and they aren’t your grandmother’s demographics, and look at all the ways you can serve your customer what they want, which feels impossible. By really looking at the stats, the analytics, and asking your readers out right through surveys and polls, you begin to get a real picture of how this all works and where you can make changes to improve the process. This is where time comes into play. It takes time to learn, to study, to use all the information to get a good picture of how you are connecting or misconnecting with readers and customers.

        For you, your site serves not so much as a direct money-maker but as an example of what your company can do. By being socially responsible to your community, you lead by example, the best way to create the relationships that meet their goals and yours, bringing you business through your ecommerce sites.

        I will never forget the China trip experience. That was incredible, covering the entire experience practically in real time. Brilliant way of serving the community while entertaining them as well!!! Be proud. You deserve it!

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