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Annual Holiday Marathon: Best Ho, Wealth, Tech, Holiday Lights via Web, and Holiday Joy

Join me and the rest of the Bitwire Media crew for too much fun this Saturday, December 19, 2009, for the annual Holiday Marathon from 6AM to 6PM PST.

Each year, the Bitwire Media team celebrate the holidays with a live podcast and video marathon, with interviews, stories, laughter, games, contests, and a lot of holiday spirit from around the world. The cast of characters from the Bitwire includes myself, Dave Moyer and Kym Huynh of the popular WordPress podcast, , Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today, DeBorah Beatty of Living a Created Life, Christina Roberts of Aimless Agenda, Lee Sze of Best of the Net, and of course, you!

This year is even more exciting as it will be broadcast live by Bitwire, but also live and rebroadcast on Internet and terrestrial radio stations around the country!

Here are some highlights of this weekend’s 12 hour marathon:

  • Holympics: We’re looking for your best “ho” as in “ho ho ho!” You can call now toll free at 888-721-4126 to record your name, email, and location, and give us your best ho. Or call during the show live. We’ll be playing the best entries during the show. We’ve got some fun prizes for the winner(s). So give us your best ho!
  • John Pozadzides with Wealth Nation: John will discuss smart money tips and advice during the holiday season, taking your questions online live to help you with your money issues. John is the CEO of and host of Wealth Nation and .
  • Cali Lewis with Get the best tips and suggestions for last minute high tech gifts from Cali Lewis of, answering your questions on finding the right gift for the geek in your life.
  • Charity Chats: Dave Moyer and the team will interview a variety of charity organizations about their efforts and how you can help them make the holidays special for kids, families, and those in need, such as the US Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.
  • Chat with Alek, The Christmas Lights Guy: Alek’s Christmas Lights and Decorations, one of the most unusual holiday lighting experiences in the world. A personal fun event and fundraiser for the University of Maryland Center for Celiac Research, every year Alek decorates his home and connects it all to his website for visitors to control the lights through the site controls and webcam.
  • Xmas in July: Join Dave, Kym, and Christina, hosts of Aimless Agenda, for a little tropical heat wave for your holiday festivities, especially with Kym as he tells stories about boxing kangaroos and celebrating Christmas in Australia’s summertime.
  • DeBorah Beatty and Lorelle on Handmade Gift Giving: DeBorah and I are long time handmade gift givers and we’ll be talking about some of our favorite and fun handmade gifts and give you some tips to make your own. We’ll also be taking your calls to discuss your favorite handmade made gifts over the years.
  • Share Your Holiday Memories: We’re talking to people all over the world, asking them to share their favorite holiday memories. Stop in and share a story with us.

Anything can, and has, happened during the annual Holiday Marathon, so please join us for the 12 hour event, or just stop in for a chat and sip of our nog. The call-in number for this year’s event is toll free 888-334-4248. Or tweet us or follow along on on Twitter and track the hashtags #holidaymarathon and #hohoho.

is a multimedia publishing network, producing podcasts and video shows including , The Aimless Agenda Show, , Living a Created Life, Best of the Net, and Bitwire: Behind the Scenes.

Don’t forget to stop in at a sister marathon, the 30 Hour Day, with our friends, Cami Kaos of Strange Love Live and Rick Turoczy of Silicon Florist, my fellow Portland, Oregon, bloggers. They are working hard on December 18-19 non-stop for 30 hours to raise money for great charities and entertain you through the long hours. Hopefully, we’ll be checking in with them during our own event to see how they are doing through their final hours, cheering each other on.

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  1. Posted January 6, 2010 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle, Gary here. You stopped by my Blog and left a comment, so I thought I might return the favor especially when I noticed that you are into WordPress SEO and “Keeping Your Chin Up”. I must say I really do like your blog here and I’ve bookmarked it! Also, I’m listening to you interviewing someone about WordPress SEO right now as we speak…oops sorry, I meant “as I write” 😛

    Glad to have bumped into you on Twitter today and look forward to returning here from time to time. My GanderCo blog is very immature for now, but I WILL be exploding on the scene this year I promise! 8)

    I could type all night so… Sudden Stop!!!

    Gary Anderson II
    aka- @GanderCo

    P.S. Guess I now have 3 fans huh? 😀

  2. Posted January 12, 2010 at 1:54 pm | Permalink

    Hi Lorelle,

    Just popping in to say “Happy New Year”. Here’s hoping you have a great one.

  3. Posted January 17, 2010 at 9:03 pm | Permalink

    happy new year..
    i hope in this year more betten last year. ^,^

  4. James
    Posted April 25, 2010 at 3:10 am | Permalink

    At first I thought, that decoration on the house wasn’t real in the picture. After a closer look, it is not only real but looks stunning.

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