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WordPress News Report: iPhone, Widgets API, WordCamps in Hong Kong and China, International

WordPress NewsThis week’s is WordPress News: iPhones Up, WordPress Widgets API, 2.8 Delayed, International, and More, and I’ve covered a lot of WordPress news you can use:

iPhone for WordPress is in the iTunes store. WordPress Widgets will use new Widgets API as of WordPress 2.8. Security authentication will improve with OAuth in future versions. WordPress 2.8 delayed. WordCamps in Hong Kong and China coming up. International languages embraced on And more WordPress news, tips, resources, and help.

If you missed last week’s edition on the Blog Herald, it was WordPress News: Plugins Reach Milestone, New WordPress Community Project, Help to Search for WordPress Help.

I am working with the editor of the to change the look and style of the . I’d love your input here or on the announcement regarding potential changes and input. The Blog Herald WordPress News is designed to meet the needs of the WordPress Community, so help us help you blog better with WordPress.

Here are some highlights for this week you do not want to miss, followed by WordPress Events, WordCamps, and Meetups coming soon.

iPhone for WordPress

The iPhone for WordPress Version 1.2 is now in the iTunes App Store, ready for you to blog and track comments on your iPhone.

WordPress 2.8 News

The WordPress Development team has confirmed that WordPress 2.8 will be released in April, pushing back the release date a few weeks in order to take a little more time with improving the underlying code, incorporating the new Widgets API, and improvements for managing JavaScripts, Plugins, AJAX, and more.

There is a list of features, changes, and improvements in the WordPress Codex.

A new WordPress Widgets API in in development for WordPress 2.8. Based upon MultiWidget Class, it will handle all the multi-widget functions and hooks to implement a multi-widget Plugin, giving developers an easier process to extend their WordPress Plugins with Widget functionality.

The WordPress Development team has announced that they are converting all default WordPress Widgets to work with the new Widgets API. If you are a WordPress Plugin author with a Widget-enabled Plugin, or you want to expand the flexibility of your Plugin for WordPress 2.8, check this out.

Lester Chan covers the new WP_Widget Class in WordPress 2.8 in greater detail to help Plugin authors understand how it works and how it can help them.

There will be a lot of changes under the hood, but not so much on the surface in WordPress 2.8. If you are working with WordPress Themes, Plugins, or development, articles on WordPress 2.8 news you should be aware of include:

Will Norris wrote about “Authentication in WordPress 2.8” as part of his ongoing project for the OpenID WordPress Plugin. Working with Peter Westwood, WordPress 2.8 now includes a new filter for authentication that passes through three paramters, along with the username and password. According to , right now, the OAuth for WordPress will be a WordPress Plugin, with hopes of integrating it into the core in the future. Goes International and Offers Insider News

has now launched the Making development blog run on the new P2 WordPress Theme for those who want to keep up with what is going on with the new video service for the WordPress Community.

The first goal for improving the new is to improve the localization, the ability to understand the videos in your language. Michael Pick is working on adding language filtering to help with the translation of videos into other languages. You can now filter the videos by language preference, too.

If you would like to help, let them know.

WordPress Tips and Plugins on Twitter

I’ve started sharing WordPress Tips and Plugin suggestions I’ve collected over the past couple years on Twitter at @lorelleonwp.

I post one WordPress tip and one WordPress Plugin link every morning (PST) covering recent versions of WordPress and WordPress usages and features.

Thanks and credit for making this happen goes to TweetLater, a future Twitter posting and management system I reviewed recently.


WordPress Events and WordCamps

Upcoming WordCamps and WordPress events include:

March 2009

April 2009

May 2009

Past WordPress News Reports

Each week, the features WordPress News, a weekly column by featuring the news around the WordPress Community. If you have a WordPress news item or tip to suggest, please contact her at this special email address:

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