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To Infinity and Beyond Your Blog

If you want to go to infinity and beyond with your blog, the article by Aditya Mahesh of BlogOnExpo on ProBlogger called Going Beyond the Blog – How to Extend Your Blog might just get you there:

You have a successful blog. You post on a frequent basis, have a strong reader base, get a decent amount of comments, and earn some revenue from the blog you run? So what do you do now? Many bloggers simply continue to post and reply to comments. Hoping that their blog continues to grow and eventually earn more revenue.

There is nothing wrong with is, but the question I most often have for successful blogs (and by successful I don’t mean 1 million page views a month and 200,000 RSS subscribers with $50,000 in ad revenue, I mean a consistent steady reader base (5000+ monthly) and some ad revenue), is why they don’t go beyond just a simple blog?

I have only one word of caution. If you take your blog beyond its present state and condition, make sure that your additions and activities enhance your blog, not subtract.

Many get so caught up in forums and social networking that their blog writing and production slows, even stops. After all, this new social stuff is much more fun, and you’ve been-there-done-that with the old blogging thing.

The new toys will soon tire, and your blog will still be there waiting.

Think balance in making your choices for extending your blog. They will consume more of your time, and may be fun but not a wise investment in your time and energy as the return could be low.

Explore your options but choose wisely, and don’t forget that it all started with your blog, and it will return to your blog, so keep your blog in the picture.

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