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Douglas Bell Interviews Lorelle – Excellent!

2 Year Anniversary LogoBy Douglas Bell

Like a number of the newest subscribers to Lorelle on WordPress, I first found out about Lorelle VanFossen and her blog at WordCamp, when I made the very bad mistake of trying to schedule something at the same time as her presentation. However, when I interviewed a number of WordCamp attendees for my podcast coverage of the event, Lorelle was really happy to be a part of it. I’d say that the ten minutes of that episode that she and I exchanged thoughts was my favorite part of that episode.

After participating over the past two months of guest blogging here on , I asked Lorelle if she would like to be interviewed for on my show (it’s called PreviewCast) for a special episode that would coincide with the up-and-coming release of WordPress 2.3. Lucky me, she happily agreed.

The result, along with WordPress 2.3’s release, is PreviewCast #044: What Podcasters Won’t Tell You About Blogging. In this excellent episode, Lorelle and I talked about how Lorelle on WordPress got started, the dangers of blogging for the numbers and advertising on your blog, the different versions of WordPress and dealing with trolls, a recap on using the internet as a teenager and as an adult, the origins of Lorelle’s Blogging Tips book, a look at genealogy, and why personal blogging (my baby) is significant and special in the online world.

I came into this interview having just finished reading Lorelle’s book, but I must say that I learned more in the hour that I chatted with her than I did from reading the whole book.

No matter what level of blogger you are, from a wannabe or newbie blogger to one with as much experience and knowledge as you think it’s possible to have on the subject, you will probably get something out of this interview. I’m not posting about this here for self-promotion, I’m posting about this here because I enjoyed the interview that much and got that much out of it, and I’m sure that you will too.

The MP3 version of the episode is embedded below, or you can check it out on, where you can find show notes, and download it and/or subscribe.

Besides being the inventor of the fictional phenomenon of deep-fried pickle hearts, Douglas Bell is a junior in high school who designs websites as a hobby for fun and for profit. He is the producer and co-host of the podcasts PreviewCast and phpBB Weekly. He is also the mastermind behind his personal blog,


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    Yes! Finally someone writes about matt bell.

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