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Weekly Digest: WordPress Tips, Guest Bloggers Party On, and More WordPress and Blogging Fun

There are less than three weeks left as part of the two months of guest blogging fun celebrating the two year anniversary of and this blog. This month is dedicated to WordPress tips.

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What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress 2 year anniversary partyCelebrating Blogging and WordPress: The first month of the two month-long party celebrating the two year anniversary of and this blog covered a variety of topics with fantastic guest bloggers blogging on blogging.

Our two month party continues with September jammed-packed with almost nothing but WordPress Tips. We started out the first week with great WordPress tips:

The guest bloggers have been putting on their best party outfits and bringing forward the best of their best for you and me, and we’re having a great time. Besides you, the party goers so far include:

Greg Balanko-Dickson, The Remote control CEO

Edrei Zahari of Footsteps in the Mirror

Engtech of Internet Duct Tape

Jan of Circular Communication

Daniel Brusilovsky of Apple Universe

John Pozadzides of One Man’s Blog

Michael Hampton of Homeland Stupidity and Bad Behavior

Abhijit Nadgouda of ifacethoughts

J.T Dabbagian of

Pelf Nyok of pelf-ism is contagious

Dawud Miracle of

Douglas Bell of, PreviewCast, and phpBB Weekly

Phil Gerbyshak, the Make It Great! Guy

Tony D. Clark of Success from the Nest

Otto of Nothing to See Here

Mohsin at Blogging Bits

There have been a few little bits of news and information not related to the two month celebration:

Lorelle’s News

In Are You Becoming a Little Over-Sensitive Over Comments?, I passed on some interesting statistics about how often I publish blog posts per week, along with some stats about passing the one million mark in comment spam with :

This past week, reached the one million comment spam mark. Akismet began on blogs in October of 2005. I’ve published at least 1200 posts since then, so if we do some tricks with the math, this is what I’ve been inundated with over the past 23 months on just that one blog:

  • In 23 months, that’s an average of 44,182 per month.
  • In an estimated 671 days, that’s 1,514 comment spams per day.
  • Matching comment spam per an estimated 1,200 posts, that’s an average of 846.82 comment spams per post.

I also estimated that I publish about 21 blog articles a week across a variety of blogs. That’s a lot. Without a break. Without a vacation. Without the future posts feature of WordPress, so wonderfully described by guest blogger, Dawud Miracle recently, I might never get out of the house.

Rose DesRochers - Window Award as a great contribution to the blogging communityBlog Honors and Awards: of Today’s Woman Writing Community and Blogger Talk Blogger Forum recently awarded me two awards and honors. I’m incredibly humbled to be one of the few to receiver her Window Award, honoring my blog as “a great contribution to the blogging community and worthy of many awards”. Wow! She also included me as one of the recipients of her “Love Your Blog” award, which is supposed to be then handed off to five blogs you love. I Love Your BlogSince I can’t choose, I reward all my readers and fellow bloggers, many whom I mention frequently in my blog posts, with the “Love Your Blog Award”. Pass it on as you wish.

Douglas Bell and Lorelle on PreviewCast: I will be interviewed in an upcoming episode with Douglas Bell of and PreviewCast where we will talk WordPress and blogging, two of my favorite subjects, with a new favorite friend of mine! Douglas and I met at WordCamp recently when he tried to present a program at the same time as mine. I gave him such grief, he was sweet and changed the time, and fully understanding when no one showed up for his program as it was still during mine! Too funny. But we’ve become great pals and I’m looking forward to the interview. He has a great laugh and I love making him laugh, so it should be great fun.

Virtual Assistants Tackle Blogging Issues and Copyright Violations: I will be leading an online conference with the Virtual Assistant Revolution Forums (VA Revolution) on Thursday, September 13th, as part of their Thirsty Thursday Training. We will be covering the issues of protecting your content from copyright violations, how to find copyright violations, and how to deal with them, as well as any other issues around publishing your content on the web and blogging for virtual assistants. You must be a member in order to participate.

Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging

Blogging Tips - book cover, copyright Lorelle VanFossenI will be traveling extensively for the next couple months on behalf of my popular book, “Blogging Tips: What Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Blogging”.

If you will be attending one of the events, workshops, and programs where I’m speaking, you can buy your own copy and save some postage and handling. If you want your own copy now, you can order it still at the introductory price, you can order it from SplashPress or the new Blog Herald Bookstore.

For more information on the book, see the original announcement and a recent update with reviews and other information, as well as the Blogging Tips Book official page.

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

The most popular posts on Lorelle on WordPress these past few weeks were:

Blasts From the Past

Here are a few oldie but never moldy posts from the past two years of :

Blog Herald Columns

Here are some of the latest articles I’ve written for the :

Some recent weekly WordPress Wednesday News reports included:

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

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  1. gregladen
    Posted September 12, 2007 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

    I just finished a listing of all the plugins/widgets that work on my self-hosted (well, at an ISP) WordPress 2.2 site. Some of your readers might find it useful, as not all of the widgets and plugins that worked on earlier versions may work with WordPress 2.2


  2. Posted September 12, 2007 at 8:46 pm | Permalink

    Interesting list. Thank you.

    I’m sure you’ve also see the WordPress 2.2 Plugin Compatibility List and WordPress 2.2 Theme Compatibility List and heard the news that WordPress 2.3 may break many popular Plugins that use direct SQL queries on the categories, link2cat, or post2cat tables, just to cover all the bases.

  3. Posted September 16, 2007 at 1:51 am | Permalink

    Lorelle, the Weekly Digest email feed seems to be broken. This just happened in the last week, maybe two.

  4. lastwownews
    Posted September 20, 2007 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    but what’s about Askismet ?

  5. Posted September 20, 2007 at 2:43 pm | Permalink

    Beth: Thanks. I’ll check it out. There was a glitch in the system when the servers hosting went down in a few places, which might have caused a problem.

    lastwownews: What about Akismet? It’s a comment spam fighting tool for bloggers.

  6. Posted September 20, 2007 at 2:48 pm | Permalink

    Beth: I figured it out. The feed isn’t broken. I am. 😀 We’ve had some “family stuff” and I’ve been skipping a week once in a bit. My apologies. I’ll do better to keep this rocking every week now that I know someone cares and is paying attention.

  7. Posted October 1, 2007 at 4:20 pm | Permalink

    Thanks. I’ll check it

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