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Raj Dash – Rethinking Blogging as an Income Producing Career

Raj Dash on Performancing has done it again with “Rethinking Blogging as a Career”, a discussion with outstanding graphic visuals that helps you understand the sources of income a blog can produce, directly and indirectly, and explores many myths around blog monetization.

What if we’re all looking at this blogging thing wrong? Maybe we should not expect blogging to produce the core revenue streams. Maybe there’s another way that still involves blogging.

So how could most of us earn a living online while involving blogging but not relying on “blogging” income?

For most bloggers earning a living from blogging, they are not making money from ads on blogs but because they blog, providing a service industry generating indirect income due to their blogs and their reputation blogging.

Definitely worth a look and a good think, I’d say.

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