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Tony Hung’s Rules Behind Creating a Great Blog

In another of Tony Hung’s guest blogging adventures on ProBlogger a while ago, he tackles The Rules Behind Creating a Great Blog.

So in your quest to dominate your corner of the blogosphere, you might be wonder about higher order questions. How does one blog? What are the “rules” behind creating a great blog? Is there anything universal that connects the very stuff behind the truly great blogs irrespective of their content? What does a great science blog have in common with a great celebrity blog? And can corporate blogs, be great?

Well, if yesterday’s post was about the habits of being a successful blogger, today’s post is on what what truly great blogs have in common, and a few exercises that you can do to try and bring your own blog up to par (if it isn’t already at par!).

One of the points he makes right off the top is on transparency: “Great blogs are blogs that leave no question of their motives, who their parters and affiliates are, and who their authorship is.”

People need to know more about you than just your post content. They don’t have to know personal and private details, but they need to know enough to trust you and what you have to say to them. He explains:

And because there is the presumption of truth, readers will often react in an intense fashion to being manipulated, hoodwinked, and otherwise bamboozled.

Well said. Bravo!

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  1. Posted June 26, 2007 at 9:20 am | Permalink

    Shucks, did I say *THAT*? Actually, I know I did. I have an ongoing love affair with words like “bamboozled”, “shennanigans”, and “tomfoolery”, heh heh.

    On a more serious note, the issue of transparency — and I mean, real, spelled out in black-and-white transparency in blogging has never been more true today. Take for instance the fooferah around Federated Media. The biggest issue around the controversy is appropriate disclosure of what some bloggers are willing to promote, and which ones aren’t. Lack of such black and white disclosure leads to presumptions on behalf of your readership, which, in turn, can lead to a backlash if their expectations aren’t managed appropriately.

    To use a Simpson-esque analogy, no one, for example, would take issue at Krusty the Klown for being a giant shill for every company on the face of the planet. And this is because he is proud to *be* a shill, and that everyone knows it.

    On the other hand, because Lisa has been shown to be a character of supposed integrity — a truth sayer, if you will — it would be very incongruent of her to start shilling for companies, products, and businesses. Nevermind that she’s only 10 years old. 😉

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