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Not Just Another “Top Lessons for Bloggers”

Articles about blogging tipsThere are days when I swear I’m going to throw a knife through my computer screen if I read another boring and redundant “top 12 ways to succeed in blogging” post. And then you run across something very special.

9 Lessons for Would-be Bloggers by Joshua Porter from Bokardo caught my attention because of the use of “would-be”. I liked the conditional tone and then was absolutely delighted with the lessons.

You have something valuable to say
One of the biggest problems is that some people don’t think they have anything useful to say. They think: look at all the incredible amount of writing out there already…what can I add to it? Ironically, its those people who probably have the most to say, but they’re concerned that they won’t say it well or in the right way. Those are the people who care about what they say and know that words have tremendous power. They consider the act of writing as an act of conversation, as opposed to others who see it as a way to make money or a way to promote something. We need those people to recognize that they do have something valuable to say, and that the blogosphere would be better, not worse, with them contributing.

I was tickled when I saw that Darren Rowse had also blogged about Joshua’s post, adding his own wonderful comments on the points brought up.

2. You have something valuable to say – I love this one and it’s something I’m regularly saying to bloggers. I strongly believe in the worth of people and think that in their own way each of us has something worthwhile and precious to share.

9. People are listening – the lurkers of your blog far out number those that comment so don’t be disheartened if some days it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall. You are being listened to and every post is an opportunity to make an impression, build loyalty and create a spark that could grow into a flame.

Just when you think that every thing’s been said in the same way over and over again, someone surprises you with an original perspective on a tired subject. Wonderful, and thank you, Joshua, for reminding us of why we blog in the first place. It’s about contributing.

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