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Google Gives Tips to Eastern European Bloggers

While most of us living in a higher tech world should know these things, in honor of the expansion of Google into Eastern Europe, the Google Webmaster Central blog offers advice and tips for Eastern European webmasters and bloggers.

In 2006 we ramped up on international webmaster issues and particularly tried to support Eastern Europe. We opened several offices in the region, improved our algorithms with respect to these languages, and localized many of our products.

Should I find only one word to describe these markets, I would say they are diverse.

Still, they have two things in common: their online markets are currently in a developing phase and a high number of webmasters and search engine optimizers work there in a variety of languages.

We are aware that a certain amount of web spam is generated in this region and we would like to reinforce that we have been working hard to take action on it both algorithmically and manually. Since I have seen some common phenomena in a bunch of these markets, here are a couple of suggestions for Eastern European webmasters and SEOs…

The tips basically are to say no to link exchanges and gaming, no to cybersquaters, think regionally, and one I think that we all need to remember, no matter where we live:

Think long-term. You have your share of responsibility for the development of your market. Creating quality sites that target users who search for highly specific content in your particular language will help you get your market into a more mature status — and mature markets mean mature publisher revenue, too.

The Eastern European, Russian, and Asian web world is exploding with a lot of, shall we say, unethical bloggers and blogs – okay, splogs. Whether the administrator/owner lives in the area or not, it’s cheap and easy to set up multiple spam blogs blogs in those areas and use them for abusive purposes. Until recently, it’s also been very difficult to police as many of these countries have more serious problems to deal with than legislating the Internet within their virtual borders.

I think it’s unfair to make a sweeping brush stroke of taint upon all Eastern European and Asian bloggers, but this message isn’t targeted towards the individual blogger expressing their hopes and dreams and providing educational information. I think it applies to all evil doers on the web, no matter where they live or abuse blogs.

One thing I’ve learned in all my years on the web, it is amazing how intolerant web users can be when evil grows. It can be self-policing, if the instructions are provided. Evil sploggers and bloggers, you are not wanted. In time, it will become harder for you to abuse the web. You’ve been warned.

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  1. Posted May 25, 2007 at 2:54 am | Permalink

    One of the things I love about blogging is that it’s something amateur, it’s something people enjoy doing as a hobby and though there are other more commercially oriented blogs, thats not what the blogging community is supposted to be about, at least that’s what I think, personally.

    It’s so sickening how everything is turned into a money machine these days, and people have no respect for it’s original purpose.

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