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Memes Are Out. Bloggy Tags Are In.

Bloggy TagLiz Strauss of Successful and Outstanding Bloggers offers a new concept in memes with her article, Introducing Bloggy Tag — I’m it, You’re it, I’m it. . . ..

On Monday, folks asked me to start a campaign to rename the bloggy memes something . . . um . . . er . . . more appropriate. Unfortunately, I have no faith in my ability or strength to move the blogosphere in such a noisy way.

Heck, I got a passel of Bloggy Tags this week to address. That’s a force to contend with. So I choose to take a quieter route — one that makes sense for me –to formally describe and name what we do and give it a button of it’s own.

She’s inviting everyone to play. Go have fun playing “tag” with your blogs.

Please, count me out. I did my one meme response and I’m done. While I appreciate the honor, I’ll watch the fun from the sidelines for a few months. 😉

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  1. Posted April 29, 2007 at 9:47 am | Permalink


    I’m tagging you tomorrow. 🙂

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