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Weekly Digest: Brags, Blog Relationship Conference,

Welcome to the fourth from , a one-stop buffet of tips, tricks, and techniques on WordPress and blogging. If you missed the last three, check out last week’s edition, the previous week, and the first week.

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Exciting Lorelle on WordPress News

Nomination for the Bloggers Choice Awards: has been nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards for the best blogger blogging about blogging category. My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!The Blogger’s Choice Awards are voted upon by fellow bloggers and winners will be announced June 2nd at PostieCon. What an honor!

Guest Blogging: Recent guest blogging events included two on Problogger, Blogging Is About Writing and Blog Translations: The Next Web Frontier, and Your Writing Persona: Who Are You? on Writing Great Ezines & Blogs from Patsi Krakoff, continuing to attract a lot of attention.

If you are here because of these articles, thank you. Let me know if there is a topic you would like covered or a question you would like answered about blogging and WordPress.

Top Five Blogs That Make Me Think: eJabs’ author, Matthew Jabs, wrote “5 Blogs That Make Me Think”, in which he names Lorelle on WordPress as one of his top 5 blogs. I like being on these kinds of lists instead of the “big” lists as they are more personal and really speak from the heart rather than a popularity contest. Thanks, Mr. eJabs.

In I Love It When You Say Nice Things About Me, I mention that while I’m often embarrassed about the nice things people people say about me, it’s important to preserve these for posterity – and your resume.

Other mentions of recently include Ceskypooh’s World Hits 2,000 Views, iwaruna – Comment Policy Preview, and Chris Makarsky – Tag You’re It.

WordCamp 2007 will be July 21-22 in San Francisco for fans and developers of WordPress. There is now an official page. This is the second annual meeting and WordPress users will be attending from all over the world, possibly even me. The turnout is expected to be at least double, if not triple, from last year’s event, so make sure you make arrangements as soon as possible.

Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference: I’m now set and will be at the The Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference (SOBCon07) in Chicago, May 11-12. It’s an amazing full day of workshops by top blogging and web professionals on community building and new interactive technologies to help you build your blog and your blogging business. I reviewed it in the Blog Herald with The Relationship Conference: Building Blogs Through Interaction. Space is very limited and time is running out.

WordPress Meetups: I list the WordPress events I find in my WordPress Wednesday on the Blog Herald, and recently started a WordPress Events Page to help publicize WordPress Meetups and groups. If you are a member, make sure you get me your information and schedule so I can help promote your events.

What’s Happening with Lorelle on WordPress

This past week’s articles from included:

Lorelle is Naked from last week’s CSS Naked Day continues to get a lot of attention.

Blog Design: How Many Columns? and Adding a Signature To Personalize Your Blog Post were also very popular.

Most Popular Articles on Lorelle on WordPress

The most popular articles on my blog this week were:

New Arrivals on Lorelle on WordPress

Which bloggers and sites are bringing readers to Lorelle on WordPress?

BuzzFeed picked up on CSS Naked Day and continues to bring in a lot of traffic to see Lorelle Naked.

Top 100 BloggersTop 100 BloggersTop 100 Bloggers has me listed today at 25 of the top 100 bloggers, which is WAY UP from a few months ago. For blogging about blogging and WordPress, I’m number 2. They bring in a consistent level of visitors, so it’s getting a lot of usage. Check it out and you may find some very interesting and unusual bloggers. I was one of the first to sign on as friends started the project.

Want to know where my readers are visiting from my blog? The most frequented external links from this blog this week are:

Blog Herald Columns

I’ve been writing a daily column for the Blog Herald for a few months, and this week I focused on the issue of the many relationships we form with our blog. But first, here’s the latest WordPress news from the past few weeks:

In honor of the “Building Blog Relationships” theme of the The Successful and Outstanding Blogger Conference (SOBCon07) in Chicago, May 11-12, I started a series on the Blog Herald about some of the technical aspects of relationship building with your blog. The articles so far include:

I also wrote Blog Herald Feeds and Customizing Your WordPress Blog Feeds, another form of relationship you have with your blog’s feed readers.

Lorelle’s Linkworthy Links

Some of the fascinating bits and pieces I uncovered during the past week as I search for blogging and WordPress news include:

Blasts From the Past

The majority of the articles I write on Lorelle on WordPress are considered timeless. They are still valuable even though they were written one or two years ago. Here are some treasures to help you with your blogging and WordPress blog.

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    *takes hat off*

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