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Clagnut Compares Mac and PC Browser Font Rendering

Clagnut recently posted “Problems with font rendering on Macs”, an interesting and technical look at the issue of browser fonts on Macs.

If you are designing with Mac in mind, as well as other browsers and operating systems, Clagnut’s comparison of Camino 1.2, Safari 2, Firefox 2, and Opera 9 might help your web font choices and options.

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  1. macuser
    Posted December 29, 2006 at 3:19 pm | Permalink

    Problem with Macs? Sorry. Try again.

    The problem is that Microsoft decided to use a bizarre dpi vs pixel resolution on Interne Exploder for PC and implemented inconsisten font scaling in Internet Exploder. After they abused monopoly power to destroy all othe browsers, web designers began ridiculous attempts to “control” the displays using 9pt or 76% fonts to compensate for Internet Exploder’s mis-handling of fonts.

    As someone who uses a Mac to design websites and an old second hand junky PC to test, I assure you Mac browsers and non-Internet Exploder browsers display fonts just fine. I feed a separate hacked CSS to Internet Exploder browsers for fonts and all its assorted various and numerous bugs.

    Incidentally, this blog is not-readable unless the font is overridden to be never less than 16 points.

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