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ProBlogger: Creating a Personable Blog

Darren Rowse of ProBlogger has started a series called “Adding a Personal Touch to Your Blog”, a great perspective on “personalizing” your blog.

I can hardly believe that I’m encouraging bloggers to be more emotional in their blogging (blogging is a medium that is sometimes accused of being too emotionally based) but I think quite a few entrepreneurial blogs could add a new dimension to their blogging if they injected a little feeling into what can be terribly dry and one dimensional posts.

I’m not saying you need to rant in every post – but to allow readers to see what you feel (and not just think) about the things you post on and join you in that can have a powerful impact upon readership.

If something excites you – let your post convey that, if you’re angry – express it, if you’re confused, hurt, freaked out, passionate etc finding an appropriate way to show it can actually add a lot to your blogging.

It’s vitally important that we help our readers know about us, if not on a personal level but on a “personable” level. It develops trust and empathy when we share some of the whys behind the stories. When our readers feel like they know us, they tend to return more often and find more enjoyment in what they read.

This is an ongoing series and other posts so far include First Person Blogging about You and How to Give Your Blogging Soul by Using Emotion.

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  1. Posted December 18, 2006 at 8:10 am | Permalink

    I think blogs NEED to be personal, in a sense, sometimes it is the personalization and style of writing the keeps readers coming back.

    For myself, I tend to use a lot of smilies – and they come automatically 😉 and I guess it is that kind of personal writing style that makes a blog different from another.

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