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Weblog Tools Collection Blogging Essay Contest Begins

While this isn’t quite one of my Blog Challenges, it is still a challenge, and this time it’s for a financial reward. Weblog Tools Collection announces their Blogging Essay Competition and it starts right now. According to site owner, Mark:

I would love it if you could help judge the competition (and read some good essays).


* 1000 words or more.
* The essays should be centered around blogging and online media; the topic could be anything related.
* New essays only. Nothing published previously please.
* You may publish the essay elsewhere, but you legally allow it to be published here.
* Competition will be judged only if there are ten entries at the least.
* I reserve right to reject your essay, I reserve the final say in the results and to cancel the competition at any time.

So if you are about to blog on blogging and online media, and it meets the above requirements, sign up and start blogging.

What isn’t clear is how often one can enter? Got ten entries? 😉

Mark will be adding a WordPress Plugin that will help online readers judge the entries for themselves. I might even pitch in to help judge.

So get your fingers typing and let’s help Weblog Tools Collection raise the bar on quality blogging about blogging.

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