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Bloggers Can Learn from Tips for Law Firm Bloggers – Small Firm Business’ article called “Ten Ways Blogs Boost a Law Firm’s Image” isn’t just for law blogs or bloggers.

When done right, blogs are an informative, vibrant calling card that represents you to the world. When done wrong, blogs are a chore and unwelcome expense, and produce little return on your effort. The difference between the two depends on having a realistic understanding of what you face before you start a blog.

The article continues with ten great tips to not just create a great blog but to also help make the experience benefit both the blogger and the law firm.

Among the tips I found this:

The first step is to define, and then target, your ideal audience. Effective blogs speak to specific niche markets. For example, if your target clients are low-income, blue collar consumers, question whether they are likely to be Web-savvy and facile with search tools. (The answer may still be “yes.”) If not, a blog might not be a wise investment of your time. As Harvey Mackay said, “If you want to catch bass, you’ve got to fish where they are.”

Targeting your audience and serving them the information they want and need keeps them coming back for more. You can’t write above them or below them, or even at them. You must write with them in mind at all times.

In light of my recent article on the Truths and Consequences of Blogs That Stand Out, I loved this tip:

You don’t go to court in a T-shirt, likewise, pay attention to the look and feel of your blog. All of our activities shape impressions: the way we speak to people, the way we dress, even the way we eat. Some actions may invite interaction, others subtlety repel. Consider carefully the design of your blog…

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  1. Posted November 8, 2006 at 7:34 pm | Permalink

    I don’t have an opinion about law blogs, but this is a great opportunity to bring up:

    Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog

    Try it. It’s fun to say. From the too short Arrested Development TV series. Someone actually created a blog based on this:

    Robert Loblaw

    Is that really his name? The blog started around the time that the Bob Loblaw character started appearing on AD. It appears to be a blog about legitimate law topics and I like that if there is a connection to the show, it’s subtle.

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